Molalla Sanitary Bill Pay

With the Molalla Sanitary Bill Pay, customers in the Molalla, Oregon area can quickly and easily take care of their sanitary related bills. Whether it’s for residential or commercial sanitary services, Molalla Sanitary Bill Pay offers a convenient way for customers to manage their sanitary bill payments. Molalla Sanitary Bill Pay takes the hassle out of paying bills, with no need to write checks, wait in line, or mail in payments. Customers can sign in to their account to pay bills, set up automatic payments, and have the peace of mind knowing their bills are taken care of on time. Furthermore, customers can view their payment history, print out receipts, and view detailed records of their payments. This blog post will discuss the advantages of Molalla Sanitary Bill Pay and how it can help customers easily manage their sanitary bills.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:


To sign up to our new web portal you will need to “Register”. You will need your account number and invoice number from the invoice you received. Your Account

Molalla Sanitary Service

Payments. Make an online payment! ; Most residential garbage customers are billed once every other month; each bill covers a two-month time period. You may make

molalla sanitary bill pay


What is Molalla sanitation phone number?

Please call our office at (503) 829-6183, send us a letter of explanation, or use the form on this page to get in touch with us if there is anything we can do to assist. You automatically receive recycling pickup services if you use Molalla Sanitary’s weekly garbage service.

How much is Molalla sanitary?

Two working days after each empty a fee of $6. 80 per day ($6. 30 per day outside of the city limits) until it is removed or emptied, but not for more than $68. 00 per month ($63. 00 per month outside city limits). We do not count weekends or holidays. An upfront deposit is required on each box ordered.

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