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Welcome to Montgomery County’s Water Bill Pay resource page! This page has been created to provide customers with the resources to better understand and manage their water bill.
Water is an essential part of life, and we understand how important it is to have reliable and affordable access to it. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to manage your water bill with a simple, convenient payment system. You can now pay your bill online, set up automatic payments, or pay in person with cash, check or credit/debit card at any of our convenient locations. We also accept payments by telephone and mail.
We understand that sometimes unexpected bills can present a challenge. To help our customers, we offer payment plans tailored to each individual’s situation. Our payment plan options allow you to manage your bills and keep your account current. We have also introduced a new payment plan for seniors and low-income customers, the Senior Assistance Program.
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montgomery county water bill pay

Located in the beautiful Hudson Valley, the Village of Montgomery is a great place to live, raise a family, shop, and do business.

The Montgomery Village reads the meters and issues the water bills. Meters are read twice a year, once in April for a June bill and once in October for a December bill. In the event that the meter reader is unable to read your meter, he will leave you with a self-addressed postcard to fill out and return to the village office along with the reading you obtain from your interior reader. When you receive your bills, if you have any questions, call the Village Office at 845-457-9661 right away. %20If%20the%20June%20bill%20is%20unpaid%20it%20is%20re-billed%20on%20your%20December%20bill%20with%20a%2010%%20penalty A bill is re-levied on your village taxes in June if it is not paid by March 31 of the billing year. In December and June, a reminder will air on the Village Channel (Time Warner Cable Channel 23). Call the village office at 845-457-9661 if a resident of the village has not received their bill in the mail. A property owner is still liable for timely paying water/sewer rents and any late fees even if they haven’t received their water bill in a timely manner. A real estate owner has a responsibility to be aware of the presence of a water meter on his property and to take the necessary steps to ensure that the meter bills are generated and paid. The property owner and the municipality enter into an implied contract for the use of water during the time he was not billed, and the owner is responsible for any unpaid water/sewer rents as well as any late fees.

Only an authorized Village of Montgomery DPW employee may turn off or turn on the water supply to any premises at the curb (except in an emergency). The Village Office DPW must be notified within twenty-four hours of any emergency water shutoffs.

Water/Sewer MetersAll water used on any premises or for any purpose is metered. Only meters which have been furnished or approved by the Village of Montgomery shall be installed. Upon the application, a meter will be furnished to each service by the Village of Montgomery at the initial expense of the owner. The meters shall remain the property of the Village of Montgomery. Any damage to a meter sustained by reasons of carelessness by the owner, or his/her tenants of the premises shall be replaced by the Village of Montgomery at the property owners expense. All meters shall be located, placed and kept free from all obstructions so as to allow easy access by the Village of Montgomery Meter Reader. No person shall tamper with the water meter and or valves, fitting and connections.

Based on the sewer user’s metered water consumption, the sewer use fee or rent is determined. The sewer rate is calculated by dividing the village’s annual water usage by the annual budget for sewer operating and maintenance to arrive at a sewer rate per thousand. A minimum of 4000 gallons per day are required for water and sewer usage.

First 4,000 gallons water (minimum) $15. 40 First 4,000 gallons sewer (minimum) $22. 00.

Water:$3. 85 per 1,000 gallons after the base amount for the following 46,000 gallons, $4 45 per thousand gallons for amount over 50,000 gallons.

Sewer:$5.50 per thousand gallons after minimum

A final water reading must be requested from the Village Office when a Village property is sold by the owner. A $10. 00 fee payable prior to reading the meter is required. When requesting a final water/sewer reading from the meter, the property owner must include the following information:

  • Property Owner
  • Property Address
  • Telephone number of property
  • Telephone number of person requesting reading
  • Date of Closing
  • If bill will be faxed, fax number
  • If the final bill will be picked up by the customer, where should it be mailed?

Starting December 8th you can purchase a Village of Montgomery Calendar for $

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  • Reminder for garbage/refuse collection Keep our community clean! All containers must be at the curb by 7:00 am on the day of collection.

The meeting schedules for the Village of Montgomery are available for download.

Water bills can now be paid for online.


Can I check my water bill online?

Montgomery County Water Services, the Montgomery County Administration Building, the Centerville Government Center, the Harrison Township Government Center, or the Moraine Government Center are some examples of the locations.

Where to pay Montgomery County water bill?

In Montgomery County, the majority of public water and sewer service is provided by the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC). Please get in touch with WSSC directly if you have a question about billing or another issue involving an existing service: WSSC Homepage. Customer Service – 301-206-4001.

Who is the water company for Montgomery County?

Online: Visit Pay Dayton Water. Current customer accounts are available or create an account. Or, on the City of Dayton website, click “Pay Water Bill” in the bottom banner. Call (937)333-3550, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to pay your bill by IVR.

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