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MytheDacare is an online healthcare organization that provides accessible, convenient, and affordable health care services to individuals and families. As such, they offer an easy and secure way to pay your medical bills online. Their online bill pay system is designed to make it easy and fast to pay your medical bills. With MytheDacare, you can quickly and conveniently manage your bills without having to worry about the hassle of writing out paper checks and waiting for them to arrive. Moreover, the MytheDacare online bill pay system is secure and compliant with industry standards. It ensures your personal information is kept safe, and your payments are always processed on time. So, if you need to pay your medical bills, MytheDacare offers a fast, easy, and secure way to do so. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the features and benefits of MytheDacare’s online bill pay system, as well as how to register and

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:


You can also learn more about your bill, sign up for a payment plan, and review your payment history. Sign up for MyThedaCare today!


Log into your MyThedaCare account. – Click the menu and select “Schedule an Appointment”. – ThedaCare patients will be able to schedule a vaccine or booster

mythedacare org bill pay

Single Patient Billing

Since March 26, 2019, ThedaCare bills each patient separately in order to further protect their privacy.

Regardless of insurance coverage or whether they are living at home with their parents, patients over the age of 18 will receive their own bill in the mail addressed to them. These patients are the “single guarantor” and are accountable to the law for the account’s payment. ThedaCare encourages adult patients to open a MyThedaCare account so they can access scheduling, billing information, payment plans, cost estimates, lab results, and other services. Patients can authorize others to access their information, and it is advised that they do so by entering the names in their MyThedaCare accounts.

The legal guardian of patients under the age of 18 will be listed as the guarantor and is accountable for paying the account. Guarantors will still have access to information for children who are 17 years old or younger. Guarantors will no longer be able to access these patients’ information once they turn 18 unless the patient gives permission for it.

Patients can contact Customer Service with questions at (800) 236-4102.

Financial Assistance for Patients in Need

ThedaCare is committed to improving the health of our communities. Our financial assistance program, Caring Hearts, is intended to assist patients who are unable to pay for urgently required medical care. If the requirements for the Caring Hearts program are satisfied, the patient bill will be reduced or eliminated.

Application Process

To determine your eligibility, complete the Caring Hearts application and send us the required financial documentation. Please be aware that without the necessary financial information, we cannot process your application.

Obtaining an Application

To request an application so that we can update your account, contact us at (800) 236-4102. If your account is past due, this will stop collection efforts.


Your application will be processed by our Customer Support professionals in accordance with the criteria outlined in our policy (see below). You will receive the outcomes in writing within 10 business days if you provide all the necessary data. Please get in touch with us if you only get a portion of the services discounted; we’ll work with you to create a payment schedule for the balance.

Please visit the Financial Assistance page for information on financial assistance, including a summary of the services, information on the policy, an application, a list of providers who are covered and who are not, as well as details on our self-pay collection policy.

Bill Pay

For all of your ThedaCare communications, MyThedaCare provides secure, practical online access. You can pay your bill in addition to communicating with your doctor via messages, scheduling appointments, and viewing test results. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express.

How to Pay Your Bill on MyThedaCare

Sign in to MyThedaCare if you have an account. You’ll see the “Pay My Bill” button. Now is the time to create an account if you don’t already have one. It’s easy! To begin, visit the MyThedaCare sign-up page. Then, click the “Sign Up Now” button under “New User. ”.

If you have an activation code:

  • Enter your activation code and the other necessary details on the MyThedaCare sign-up page.
  • Click “Next.”
  • Screens will walk you through the sign-up process.

If you do NOT have an activation code:

  • Click the “No Activation Code?” button on the MyThedaCare registration page.
  • Provide the requested information and click “Next.”
  • Screens will walk you through the sign-up process.

mythedacare org bill pay

mythedacare org bill pay

mythedacare org bill pay

mythedacare org bill pay

mythedacare org bill pay

mythedacare org bill pay

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