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Enter your National Grid Account Number without any dashes or spaces. Also, enter the first four letters of your last name or company name without any punctuation.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Pay Bill

We make it easy to pay your bill online or otherwise. Pay by bank account (optionally on an automated basis), credit/debit card, phone,

Ways to Pay

Pay your bill with a credit/debit card through Speedpay. Fees apply, starting at $1.99 for residential customers and $5.95 for business customers.

national grid bill pay speedpay


How do I contact Speedpay?

Visit the Speedpay® website or call 1-800-979-3967.

How much does Speedpay charge?

Duke Energy collaborates with Speedpay® to give you the choice to make payments using your credit card, debit card, or electronic check. Payments made to residential accounts are currently free. The convenience fee for a nonresidential account is $8. 50 per payment.

How to pay bills online?

You can typically complete it using your online banking account or a mobile banking app. Normally, after logging into your account, you choose the bill payment page and proceed as instructed. You’ll probably need to enter some of the merchant or service provider’s information for each bill.

How does Speedpay work?

Usually, the day we receive your authorization will result in the charge or debit of any payments made using your credit card, ATM, or debit card. Typically, ACH payments are deducted from your bank account on the first business day after you authorize them.

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