North Port Utilities Bill Pay

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To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Paying Your Utility Bill

By Phone – Make a payment through our automated Interactive Voice Response System (IVR). Simply dial (941) 429-7122 and enter your account number from your bill

Pay Utility Bill Online

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north port utilities bill pay


How do I pay North Port Utilities by phone?

Call (941) 429-7122 to access your account information and make a credit card payment after entering the account number from your bill.

What is the average water bill in Texas per month?

128 cities in total reported that they offer water service to their citizens. In all cities, 5,000 gallons of water use cost, on average, $39 83, a decrease of 3. 40 percent over the 2021 average of $42. 23. 5,481 gallons per month are consumed on average by homes across all cities.

How much is water bill in Georgia?

Utility Costs in Georgia
Utility Average Georgia Bill
Electricity $129.92
Gas $141.19
Cable & Internet $111
Water $28

How much is the average water bill in Chicago?

Chicago’s Average Water Bill includes showering, using the restroom, cooking, and dishwashing. This would indicate that a resident uses roughly $0 based on the water rates in Chicago in 2021. 41 worth of water every day. As a result, the monthly water bill would be $12. 50.

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