Papaya Bill Pay Review

Papaya Bill Pay is a revolutionary payment system designed to make managing your bills, subscriptions, and payments simpler and more secure. It offers a wide range of services and tools to help you manage your bills and payments more effectively. From multiple payment options to customisable payment plans, Papaya Bill Pay offers convenience and flexibility at every stage of the payment process. In this review, we’ll dive into the features, benefits, and drawbacks of Papaya Bill Pay so you can decide if it’s the right payment solution for you. With Papaya Bill Pay, you have control over your bill payments like never before. Keep reading to see if this payment system is right for you.

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FIVE STARS!! Papaya bad been very reliable and helpful for me in paying my bills! I feel like it’s impossible to receive such service from a free app and also


We attempted to use Papaya to pay a contractor $3267.00. We scheduled payment for 10/2/22. The money has been taken from our account. The bill has not been paid

papaya bill pay review

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  • Review from Rebekah G1 star11/22/2022Do NOT use this app. My bill showed at the bottom that they accept Papaya. On October 24, 22, I used Papaya to pay my bill, but a month later, my credit card account has still not been charged. I’m glad I still have my payment confirmation number in case things get out of hand. I ought to have just mailed a check myself.
  • Kamb C1 star’s review on 8/31/2022: “I am utterly disgusted with this third party billing company.” I have used them over two years now. Payments have been timely withdrawn from my account but late payments have been made to the billing company. In my case, money was taken from my account to pay my bill on August 18, 2022. but was not paid until TODAY (August 31, 2022). The same amount that was already taken out of my account on the 18th is being taken out AGAIN when I also check my checking account. I contacted my utility company, and they informed me that they do not advise customers to use them. I’m switching to autopay and won’t ever again use them. Since they don’t have a phone number on file, I still haven’t received a response to my email, and my account will now have an additional $250 deducted. Just completely disgusted. Please be aware that if there were a star, it would be a negative one.
  • I had Papaya pay a $300 electric bill for me on 8/15/2022, and I thought they had paid it. They took the money out, but they haven’t yet reimbursed my electric company. I have received a shut-off notice and am out $300 as a result. I call and call and no one ever answers. Nobody has responded to me other than to say they received my email despite them telling me to email them. Hopefully this will get their attention.
  • Review from Christina C1 star08/11/2022Paid a bill on line. They give you no confirmation number. Take it out, then add it to your account, then withdraw it twice more. This site is a joke. You should obtain a bank check and mail it via regular mail instead. Then, at least, your payment will be documented. ð?¤¬.
  • Review from Eleanor S1 star06/28/2022Horrible company. My card was used TWICE, but it still won’t show that the charge has been made. Total scam. Do NOT use this company.
  • I received a bill from a Dr. on 05/27/2022, comment from Julie P. Visit that I thought was covered by my insurance. After waiting for a response, they rejected the $188 claim. 00 meanwhile it went to collections. Knowing I couldn’t sue my insurance, I wanted to pay the full amount. I made the payment through Papaya, and the app informed me that they had to refuse to send the payment. Although they did debit the money from my account. The app sent me a message saying that I would get a refund. I therefore located a number to call and made a full payment to the light collection agency. I have emailed Papaya about my refund. No response. I provide them with evidence of the message they sent me, the funds they withdrew from my account, and the full payment. No response. Absolutely no communication from this company. DONT use this app. They are not a reliable or communicative company. And they will rip you off if they can. STAY AWAY from this company.
  • Review from Kiley H1 star05/07/2022Absolutely awful business. I was charged $60 and have yet to receive a refund. Even though they charged my account $60, the provider told me when I called that they had never received the payment from Papaya. Now that the payment is past due, I had to find another $60. Papaya still hasn’t given me a refund for the money that never reached the billers.
  • Rebecca D. left a 1 star review on 4/11/2022: “I had never used this app before.” I used the app to set up my account, snapped a photo of my bill, submitted it, and got a confirmation email. First of all, they credited the incorrect account and withdrew the incorrect amount from my HSA account. They credited an account that was just one number off from mine. I had to call the Dr. Office to see what was going on. She called her Papaya rep but no answer. A canned response that they had received my email and would get back to me in three business days was what I received when I emailed Papaya Pay Help. Then Papaya took another amount out of my HSA account, which wasn’t even close to what my bill was. Then they took another amount out that was also different, and today they took that same amount out once more. They finally refunded the original amount and cancelled the second deduction after arguing with the doctor’s office all last week and again today, but they still haven’t refunded deductions three and four. This has been a nightmare, and I still haven’t heard from Papaya Pay Help (I sent two more emails after the first one). I ultimately called my bank to dispute those two charges that I did not authorize and to have my card cancelled. I will never use them again. It has been a terrible experience, but I’m not sure if this is just my luck or if it happens frequently. Prior to paying online once more, I will return to mailing checks to pay my doctor’s bills. Their customer service is extremely poor. If I could give them a -5 stars, I would.
  • I have used Papaya a few times with no issues at all on my end and it is an easy, quick, and efficient app. One office employee did call to confirm that I was the one making the payment. Actually, I value that level of security coming from a doctor’s office. Kudos and thank you!.
  • I feel like it’s impossible to receive such service from a free app and without a transaction fee, and on top of that, Papaya even pays my billers convenience fee without charging it back to me.Review from Hodge O5 stars11/12/2021FIVE STARS!!

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Is Papaya pay legitimate?

Papaya is HIPAA and PCI compliant, and bank-level secure. We are also accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Payments can be made in a matter of seconds, and the majority are completed within a day. If your merchant accepts it, you can pay using a bank account, credit card, debit card, or FSA/HSA card.

How does Papaya bill pay make money?

According to Papaya, it earns money by taking a portion of interchange fees. Papaya knows how to pay a lot of the bills because it has “seen” so many of them. But in some circumstances, it might be necessary to send a paper check, which would take more time.

What is Papaya app good for?

Anyone can use the free Papaya app to pay any bill, including parking fines, charitable contributions, and medical expenses. An individual uses the app to take a picture of a bill after downloading it to a smartphone or tablet. The picture includes the invoice amount, account information, and the due date.

Who owns Papaya app?

Patrick Kann, the company’s CEO and co-founder, spoke with us about the success of Papaya and mobile bill pay apps. Nobody enjoys paying their bills, but it’s a necessary evil.

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