Pay For Food With Phone Bill

pay for food with phone bill

Pizza Hut and Vodafone have collaborated to launch a delivery application for the new 360 H1 phone from the mobile network, enabling users to order pizza and pay for it on their recurring phone bill.

Customers can use the app to place a mobile phone order for pizza from any Pizza Hut delivery location.

Customers can add the cost of their order to their monthly phone bill instead of having to pay it at the time of delivery. The service is also available to pay-as-you-go customers

Pizza Hut is giving a 20% discount for orders placed through this application, but orders are only eligible for a maximum of £30.

“We are always looking for new and innovative ways to communicate with our customers, and the world of mobile technology is an exciting area to do this,” said Scott Muncaster, marketing manager of digital at Pizza Hut.

Customers find this application to be the first of its kind because they don’t need to worry about carrying cash because the cost is added to their mobile phone bill.”

Starcom and Yahoo started the collaboration for Pizza Hut.After a brief trial period, the application is likely to be released for a wider range of mobile devices.

Over three months after its release, Pizza Hut’s iPhone app in the US has been downloaded by almost one million users.

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To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

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Can I buy food with carrier billing?

Almost any purchase is possible with carrier billing as long as it is within the spending limits authorized by the mobile operator. This is in addition to the accessibility that smartphones, devices, and apps give users.

What can I bill to my phone bill?

Which transactions can I bill to my account?Upgrade equipmentBuy accessoriesAdd a new device to your existing accountShippingTaxes on device payments (only for online purchases), the upgrade fee, third-party content, and Verizon Gift Cards

What can I pay for with carrier billing?

With carrier billing, you can purchase up to $300 worth of digital goods and services from participating retailers, including games, music, apps, and other digital content and services.

Can I charge a gift card to my phone bill?

Usually, store gift cards cannot be used to pay bills outside of that particular retailer.Beyond that, the majority of prepaid cards function similarly to any other type of regular payment card.

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