Pay Kalamazoo Water Bill

pay kalamazoo water bill

Your water and sewer bill can be paid online, by mail, by phone, in person, or through a drop box at City Hall.

Note: the payment processor charges a 28% service fee (minimum $150) for credit/debit card payments and a $085 service fee for electronic checksThis is gathered by the processor and is relevant for payments made in person, over the phone, and online.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Make a Payment – City of Kalamazoo

Make a payment to the City of Kalamazoo for taxes, utilities , parking tickets, or other invoices.

Water & Sewer Service – City of Kalamazoo

If you need help with your water service or are experience any issues related to water quality, please call 311 or (269) 337-8000. If you have an emergency …


How do I pay my Kalamazoo water bill?

Call (866) 273-5523Call (866) 273-5523 to use the City of Kalamazoo’s telephone payment system. To make a utility payment, press option 1To pay by credit/debit card or electronic check, follow the phone prompts.

How much does water cost in Kalamazoo?

For city of Kalamazoo residents, monthly bills average around $4472 each month With the increase, it would average around $5366 per monthAverage monthly bills for water and wastewater for township residents are around $51.21 per month The increase would raise costs to $6141 per month on average

Where does water come from in Kalamazoo?

In Kalamazoo County, the source of drinking water is groundwaterIn the pore spaces between sand and gravel particles, there is groundwater.Groundwater is generally abundant, simple to extract, and free of dangerous bacteria.

How do I cancel my Kalamazoo water service?

Call 311 or (269) 337-8000 if you need assistance with your water service or are having problems with the quality of the water.Call (269) 337-8148 if you experience a water or sewer service emergency.

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