Pay Verizon Bill At Walmart

pay verizon bill at walmart

When a Verizon poster caught my attention at Walmart while I was shopping for groceries, I realized that I had neglected to pay my Verizon bills for the month.

I looked into online payment options, and Verizon offers a number of them for paying bills.

I approached a staff member to ask if I could pay my Verizon bill at Walmart and for instructions on how to do so. They helped me with the checkout process.

You can pay your Verizon bill at any Walmart location, but the transaction may cost you up to $4.You can pay by going to the Walmart credit card sign-in page.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Can I Pay My Verizon Bill At Walmart? Here’s How

You can pay your Verizon bill at any Walmart store, but you will have to pay a cost of up to $4 to complete the payment. Don’t forget to carry your billing statement and account details or phone number linked to MoneyGram, CheckFreePay, or Western Union to complete the payment.Sep 27, 2022

Verizon Payment Locations Near Me

If you want to pay your bill in person, you can check online for the address of a Verizon payment location near you. You can also enter https://m. verizon .com/ …

Paying your TV, Internet & Phone bill in person – Verizon

To find a list of free payment locations go to verizon .com/findalocation and click on no-fee locations. All you need to bring is your billing statement or …


Can you pay Verizon bill at Walmart?

You can pay your Verizon bill at any Walmart location, but the transaction may cost you up to $4.To complete the payment, remember to bring your billing statement, account information, or a phone number connected to MoneyGram, CheckFreePay, or Western Union.

Where can I pay my Verizon bill with cash?

Retail establishments like CVS and 7-Eleven only accept cash payments and impose a convenience fee. These payments are processed by PayNearMe™To make a payment, you must bring the barcode from your billing statement.

How do I pay my Verizon phone bill?

iOS or Android phoneUsing the My Verizon app to make a paymentLog in to your account (or create one if you don’t already have one).Bill can be found by selecting the Menu option from your screen’s top left corner.You should see the amount due this month if you select the Current Bill tab.Select Pay My Bill

Can I pay my bill in cash at Verizon?

The only forms of payment that will be accepted by authorized agents are certified checks, checks written in US dollars only, and cash.

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