Pdc Bill Pay

It is simple for customers to enter information and submit payments via any device thanks to mobile and browser optimization.

Give your clients the option to establish their own payment schedules in accordance with the conditions you establish.

Make it simple for your clients to select a start time and sum that suits them.

Customize each portal for particular businesses, locations, or departments to give your customers peace of mind that they are paying the right place.

Select the balances that can be paid in full, in four equal payments, or with a minimum payment under recurring payment schedules.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

epay PDC4U payments


PDCflow/PDC4U Online Bill Pay Options-Are you looking to make a payment on a medical or past due payment? Does the link of the statement have epay pdc4u?

Accept Online Payments


Set up unlimited, customized online payment portals from a single platform with PDCflow. Accept online payments today!

pdc bill pay

Where do I go to my pay my medical bill online?

Many medical facilities and medical billing firms are among the many businesses that PDCflow supplies with payment processing software. To contact the right company to make a payment, please refer to your billing statement and call the toll-free number on the statement.

Additionally, make sure you are entering the link on your billing statement—which begins with “https://”—into the address bar of your browser, not the search field.

Please be sure to type the link from your statement into the section that is highlighted with a purple box in the photo below rather than either section that has a red box with an X in it.

pdc bill pay

I am entering the link http://epay. pdc4u…, but I still cannot find the payment page?.

If you attempt to access a website that accepts payments using epay pdc4u. Make sure you are using https:// and NOT http:// when you click the link.

You are directed to a secure payment website when the link begins with https://. The link on your statement should read https://epay. pdc4u. com/123456 or the specific location ID #. If it only says http://, the sentence is incorrect.

You can also get help making your payment by calling the toll-free number on the statement. For the URL and toll-free number’s location, see the example statement.

pdc bill pay

Please complete the form below and submit it to the medical company on your behalf. They will contact you to arrange payment if they are unable to find the payment page or toll-free number listed on the statement.

Have the Billing Company Contact Me


What is a GFL environmental bill?

The Kimberley North subdivision and the rest of West Bloomfield use the waste hauling service GFL. Don’t ignore this bill from GFL Environmental. To avoid late fees and to keep your home’s trash and recycling picked up, you must pay this bill.

Where can I pay my waste management bill in person?

If you use Waste Management, you can pay your bills whenever it’s convenient for you at Money Services. You can even save time by paying your bill when you pick up your groceries at the Kroger Family of Stores because Money Services is open on the weekends and in the evenings.

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