Portsmouth Public Utilities Bill Pay

portsmouth public utilities bill pay

Although you will probably already have running water when you move into a new home in Portsmouth City, you still need to set up water service with the Portsmouth Public Utilities.Fortunately, Portsmouth has made it fairly simple with the online form below. Starting service generally takes just two business days

You must terminate your water service with Portsmouth Public Utilities when you leave a home in Portsmouth City to avoid receiving further bills. Simply fill out the following online form Stopping service normally takes just two business days

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To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Portsmouth Public Utilities, VA | Official Website


Public Utilities is currently accepting payment extension and payment plan requests. Please contact Customer Service for assistance. … Online Bill Pay .

Payment Options – Portsmouth Public Utilities, VA


Pay Over the Phone · Call 757-393-5008 to use the automated phone system. Please have your account number ready. · Once payment is made, make note of the …


How often do you pay Portsmouth water?

Your water bill covers the entire year, from July 1 to June 30.You have two options for paying your bill: either in full right away or, if you prefer, in two installments, with the first payment due right away and the second on January 1. We will send out a reminder for the second instalment

How much is a water bill in Portsmouth VA?

Monthly ChargesWater Charge:$3557 / 100 cubic feetHRSD Sewage Treatment Charge: (Effective 7/1/11)$413/100 Cu Ft Minimum charge of $0accounts with a daily flat rate of $25 (only for single-family homes) $24Utility Tax: 20% of water charges (ready to serve and water charge), $400 per 30-day Period00 per month, maximum

How do I pay my personal property tax in Portsmouth VA?

To use Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to pay your water/sewer or property tax bills, dial (844) 850-9185.

Is Portsmouth VA a nice place to live?

Portsmouth is a fantastic location for development, with lots of opportunities for success and very affordable housing. Portsmouth is a very unique and diverse city

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