Quicken Bill Pay

To learn more about how to make payments after setting up Quicken Bill Manager, click here.

Note: You can proceed to Enable a payment account for Quick Pay if you’ve already set up online bills.

If the Get Started button is not visible, click the plus sign in the Bills’ upper-right corner.

You will see a verification screen informing you that you can now use the payment account for Quick Pay payments after you have entered your payment account information.

If you only want to use Quick Pay, click Done and then Done again to go back to the Bills screen in the Payment Accounts for Quicken Bill Manager screen.

There is a verification procedure to enable a payment account for Check Pay if you also want to use it. In order to complete this process, two micro-deposits (between $ 01 and $. 99) that will be made to your account. The payments may take up to three days to appear. Follow the steps below to complete the Check Pay verification.

Your account will now be able to accept check payments if your calculations are accurate. The account’s check-pay capability will also be confirmed on the Payment Accounts for Quicken Bill Manager screen.

You can add a manual bill if you can’t access your bill online or would rather track it manually. You must provide both the billing amount and the billing date/interval for a manual bill. Manual bills can be paid with Check Pay.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Pay Your Bills Online & Manage Scheduled Payments


Quicken bill pay consolidates your bills into an easy-to-use dashboard. Pay your bills online and set reminders so you’ll never miss a payment.

Paying Bills


These videos will give you an overview of how to add and pay bills directly from Quicken. Getting Started with Quicken Bill Manager.

quicken bill pay

Video: Managing Your Bills in Quicken Bill Manager

By visiting the Bills page, you can access the Bills dashboard.

Which bills are ready to be paid will be displayed on the Bills dashboard. To make a payment, simply click the Quick Pay or Check Pay button when you are ready.

The status of your payments is displayed in the Last Payment column.

Additionally, Quicken Bill Manager provides Quick Pay and Check Pay as options for paying your bills.

  • Send electronic payments to billers (payees) whose online accounts Quicken can access using Quick Pay. This includes over 11,000 billers. With Quick Pay, you can pay a lot of the billers you previously paid with a check in Quicken Bill Pay electronically!
  • Send a check to anyone in the US with an address using check pay. The check is sent through a Quicken service. You will no longer need to print or mail checks. Although the majority of billers now accept electronic payments (like those made with Quick Pay), Check Pay gives you the choice to send checks to billers and parties who cannot accept an electronic payment, like a gardener or nearby service providers.

You can continue to use Quicken’s bill-pay feature in the same manner if you currently use your bank’s service. Bank Bill Pay will not change.

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Does Quicken still have Bill Pay?

Use Quick Pay with more than 11,500 digital network billers with Quicken Bill Pay. Send physical checks using Check Pay to anyone in the US. With Quicken Bill Pay, managing your monthly payments is seamless. Just click, and you’re done.

How does Quicken online Bill Pay work?

Select Quicken Bill Pay from the Financial Institution list. Select the account to make the payment from. Enter the payment details and delivery date. Click Enter then Update/Send to send the payment instructions.

How do I activate Quicken Bill Pay?

Setting up Quick Pay and Check Pay
  1. Select the Bills & Income tab. …
  2. Select the gear icon in the Bills section’s upper right corner.
  3. Select Set up Quicken Bill Manager. …
  4. Review any instructions and the Acknowledgment.
  5. Select Enable after picking a payment account from the list of available ones.

Is Quicken Bill Pay safe?

It sends payment instructions via a secure internet connection using the most recent SSL encryption technology, protected by a password that Quicken issues only to you, in case you’re a little perplexed about how to pay your bills.

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