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RCN is a telecommunications company serving Boston, Chicago, Washington D. C. , Lehigh Valley, New York City and Philadelphia.

Customers of telecommunications providers are billed one month in advance based on bundles and the quoted prices for services. Any fees accrued throughout the month, such as for premium movie rentals or phone usage, will be billed the following month.

Although there is no mention of credit card payment information on the official website, we suspect the business will accept popular credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

If you need assistance paying your RCN bill pay statement, call customer service at 1-800-746-4726. Payment arrangements are available for some customers. Payment arrangements divide the total amount due into equal payments, with some businesses also requiring a down payment. Your monthly bill will increase as you pay off the past-due debt because the payment plan will be added to your regular monthly expenses.

We found no mention of penalties or fees. If you don’t pay all or part of the amount billed by the due date, a late payment fee will be added to your bill. The majority of businesses charge a percentage of the total amount owed, probably including RCN Bill Pay. This implies that reducing the late payment fee by paying as much as you can afford

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

RCN Knowledge Center


Our automated phone system accepts one-time credit/debit card payments, and ACH check by phone payments · Call 1-800-746-4726 to pay using the automated phone

5 Ways To Pay Your Bill


We accept one-time credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express) payments via our automated phone system at 1-800-427-8686 or via a

rcn bill pay number

Billing support

Call For RCN Deals:


  • Top-ranking customer care
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Connect with RCN via any channel you prefer
  • Get quick answers to your questions about RCN services

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Are you considering switching to RCN Services for your home? Do you want to see if the RCN Internet network is available in your area? Can you take advantage of a hot promotional offer?

For RCN sales support call at this number at anytime!

RCN continuously strives to ensure the provision of seamless services. However, on the rare occasion that you encounter a service or equipment issue or have a query regarding your RCN account

To choose how you want to contact RCN

RCN provides its customers with a constantly accessible library of online resources so they can fix simple issues on their own. You will discover a wealth of helpful information, including an exclusive Welcome Guide for new customers, on topics like Internet, TV, Phone, Account, Billing, and Webmail.

To check out RCN Support Center

Check out the RCN Welcome Guide if you’re a new customer or if you recently bought a package and are awaiting service installation to learn everything you need to know to start using RCN’s digital home phone, TV, and Internet services.

You can get started and learn everything about your new services at your own pace while using online RCN Customer Service resources. Contact the appropriate RCN Customer Service phone number for 24/7 assistance if you find the instructions confusing or something is still not working for any reason.

Learn how to manage your account or enjoy services on-the-go. You can access your RCN account from anywhere!.

For immediate responses to your inquiries about billing for any RCN service to which you may have subscribed, consult the FAQs.

Learn how to use your RCN email accounts and common webmail features to their fullest potential.

You can self-install the modem, set up Whole Home WiFi, and more with the assistance of customer support materials for the internet!

Learn more about the digital equipment that comes with your RCN TV subscription and find answers to your questions about the TiVo setup, including the voice remote and parental controls.

Learn how to use the numerous practical features offered by your phone service, such as the ability to block spam calls. Look up international call rates and battery backup information

We Give You Many Ways to Reach RCN Customer Service

If you’re interested in learning more about RCN services in your area, call 1-844-343-1374 to speak with an RCN sales representative.

Facing a concern regarding your RCN connection or account and billing? Find RCN Customer Support here.

Are you using your laptop or phone while looking for information and would prefer to start a chat with a customer service representative?

To initiate a live chat with RCN Support and have your question answered and concern addressed―Click Here

Regular users of social media platforms can check for the most recent service updates, business news, and ask questions, leave comments, or raise any issues.

Just choose your channel of communication with RCN―Twitter, Facebook and YouTube!

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We Are Committed to What RCN Pledges to Its Customers

Locally based Astound customer service representatives are the reason why our round-the-clock customer support is rated as the best by users.

If you decide to opt out within 30 days of service installation because you are unhappy with RCN services, you will receive a full refund for all equipment, installation, activation, and monthly service fees.

RCN does not bind you to an annual contract because we only want satisfied customers to do business with us.

RCN clearly explains each line item on your bill so that you can easily read and understand what you’re paying for.

RCN offers convenient and adaptable time windows to fit your schedule, and our customer-friendly service is prepared to do the same.

You will receive a $20 credit from Astound Broadband powered by RCN in the event of service delays.

Because the customer is our top priority, RCN gives each subscriber individualized service. We always try to solve your problem the first time.

For any questions regarding sales, call the RCN customer service team at 1-844-343-1374.

Astound Broadband powered by RCN pledges to always keep the customer its #1 priority. RCN Customer Service has a 24/7 U. S. -based staff to immediately come to your assistance when needed. One of the main contributors to Astound’s reputation as a customer favorite is the level of customer service you receive.

RCN TV, Internet, and Phone services come at affordable prices. Additionally, you avoid the hassle of dealing with numerous vendors and bills when you choose to bundle two or more RCN services. Additionally, based on current promotional offers, you may be able to make a sizable savings. To check available offers at your address call at 1-844-343-1374.

Do the charges of bundled RCN services appear on one bill?

Yes. One bill includes all RCN phone, Internet, and TV-related expenses. Contact RCN customer support for billing if you have been receiving multiple bills for different RCN services for any reason, and they will make sure you start receiving a single bill.

Call 1-800-427-8686 to see if there is an outage in your area. RCN representatives are on hand to address your queries and worries about the service. Online chat is also available here.

To find the address of the nearest RCN location, where you can also pay your bill in person, go to Locations and Payment Centers and click on the relevant area link.

  • Use the internet to access your self-care account and set up autopay or a one-time payment.
  • To sign into your account and pay a bill, use the mobile app.
  • Make the payment through the Astound Broadband automated phone system.
  • Send the payment by mail at P. O. Box 11816, New Ark, NJ 07101-8116 .
  • Make your payment in-person at a nearby retail store location.

Yes, the provider will refund against the monthly service, installation, activation, and equipment charges if you aren’t satisfied with RCN services for any reason and let RCN know within 30 days of service installation/activation.


How do I pay my RCN bill?

Use RCN’s Automated Phone System
  1. One-time credit/debit card payments as well as ACH check payments are accepted by our automated phone system.
  2. To use the automated phone system to make a payment, dial 1-800-746-4726 (a convenience fee will apply).

What is RCN called now?

Astound Broadband will be the new name of the Princeton-based TV and internet provider, which serves clients in some areas of the Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley regions. After a number of acquisitions in recent years, the new name will group RCN and its sister regional services under one national brand.

How can I reduce my RCN bill?

Consider the services you are paying for to reduce your bill. You might be able to forgo certain services if you don’t use them in order to save money. In other situations, you might require the service but be able to reduce the speed, the number of channels, or the quality of service. This may save you money each month.

How do I pay my Grande bill?

Pay Over the Phone with a Customer Service Professional
  1. To pay by phone with a check or a credit/debit card, dial 1-866-247-2633 (1-866-2GRANDE).
  2. Convenience Fee applies.

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