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If you’re like most people in urban society, you probably always have bills to pay. It’s just the way things are. However, it can be very stressful to find yourself suddenly behind on your bills. People occasionally forget things, which is fairly common. To fix this, you can easily keep track of your numerous bill payment deadlines by using the best bill reminder app. Learn everything about the top bill-reminder apps available on the App Store by reading this blog.

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Best bill reminder apps In 2023

List of the best apps1.Prism2.Mint3.Mobills4.Easy Bills Reminder5.TimelyBillsView full list

The 3 Best Bill Organizer Apps of 2021

SimplyWise is a bill and receipt organizer app that digitizes and files away your documents. The app brings all your paperwork together in one place—from your

bill pay reminder app

SimplyWise Smart Filing Cabinet

A bill and receipt organizer app called SimplyWise digitizes and stores your documents. The app gathers all of your paperwork into one location, including your phone bills, lab results, and grocery receipts, making it simple to locate items when you need them.

You can search for your documents using terms like “Verizon, March 2021” or “All Utility Bills” to find them when you need them. Additionally, it breaks down your expenses by month so you can see exactly how much you spent on medical expenses in 2020 or how much your utility bill has increased.

Additionally, SimplyWise automatically recognizes bill due dates and sets reminders so that you never incur late fees.

SimplyWise offers unlimited document scans and unlimited cloud storage. This app is for you if you are hesitant to link your bank accounts to apps but still want to pay your bills online and view your debt. And with unlimited cloud storage, the cost is difficult to beat.


A free app called Mint is offered by Intuit, the company that makes the accounting program Quickbooks. There is a mobile app for the online product Mint. It is made primarily to be used for managing and tracking expenses.

When you sign up, Mint downloads and examines data from your bank accounts. Instead of creating one overall budget, Mint allows you to create budgets for each category. You can receive notifications when your bills are due after setting up your bills, payment dates, and amounts. Although Mint doesn’t have a bill-paying feature, it will let you know if you have enough money in your account to cover your obligations on time.

If you prefer to see a report of your finances, Mint has many customizable reports that you can use to see an overview of your finances. You can modify the data displayed on the report or create new ones.

Mint is best for users who want a tool for tracking their accounts and receiving alerts and reminders, but aren’t concerned with reconciling, the running balance, investments, or using an app to pay their bills.

bill pay reminder app

bill pay reminder app

This app, which is accessible on both smartphones and tablets, gives you a complete picture of your finances. This app is for you if you want to pay your bills online and see how much you owe all in one place. Following registration, you connect your bills to the app. Currently, Prism has agreements with over 11,000 billers to access data, give you up-to-date statements, remind you when payments are due, and let you make payments online even if you don’t have a bank account. If your biller is not already listed in the system, you can add it and it will update similarly to the other billers.

You can decide when to pay your bills or use an app to do so when a reminder pops up. There are no fees for using the bill pay option. The drawback is that Prism isn’t set up to track your operating expenses or download information from your bank account.

Therefore, even though it allows you to display your paycheck, it does not maintain a running account balance. Although the app may believe you have enough money to pay a bill, it is unaware of your dining out and clothing purchases.

Prism is a good choice if you need help keeping your bills organized.


Is there an app to remind me to pay my bills?

1. Prism. A free app for Android and iOS called Prism collects and tracks your bills and makes paying them easier. You can also check your entire balance and set custom notification reminders.

How do I set up reminders to pay my bills?

On the day you want to pay your bill, you can set up a reminder in your Google Calendar to pop up or be emailed to you. Fill out the cell with the necessary information, such as the payment’s name and the recipient. Schedule it for “all day,” and you’re set.

What is a good app for keeping track of bills?

Mint, for pretty much everything (it also has a significant number of reviews compared to the other apps we looked at). It syncs numerous types of accounts for free, including credit cards, loans, investments, and checking and savings accounts. When it comes to budgeting, Mint keeps track of your expenses and categorizes them.

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