Santa Clarita Water Division Bill Pay

santa clarita water division bill pay

Scammers are targeting our customers by text and phoneThese fraudulent calls and texts demand money from customers and/or other personal information, like social security numbers, in order to keep their water on.

ALSO A REMINDER: SCV Water DOES NOT CALL OR SEND TEXTS REQUESTING PAYMENT.We also do not ask you to pay your bill using gift cards, money transfers, or money withdrawals from your bank account.Scammers frequently “spoof” our phone number and generate phony email addresses that appear to be from our Agency.When paying your water bill, only use one of the authorized payment methods offered by SCV Water: wwwyourscvwatercom/customer-care

REPORT: If you have received a fraudulent call or text, please contact our customer service representatives at (661) 294-0828 to help keep our community safe.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Santa Clarita Water – Valencia – Contact, Pay Bill, Start or Stop …

Emergency (24 hours – broken water main or pipeline, etc.) 661 259 2737. Pay Your Santa Clarita Water – Valencia Bill . Already have an account?

Bill Cooper Santa Clarita Water Board 2022

Bill is one of the most qualified people in the Santa Clarita Valley, as a long-time water professional he is the right person for the job.


Who provides water to Santa Clarita?

In the Santa Clarita Valley, there is a full-service regional water agency called the Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency (SCV Water).Over a nearly 200 square mile area, SCV Water provides water service to about 300,000 commercial and residential customers.

Where does Santa Clarita water come from?

A series of wells pump the groundwater into our systemOur water is sourced from the Sierra Nevada range to about a half.It emerges from the mountains, travels through the delicate Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, and then travels through the State Water Project aqueduct to reach the Santa Clarita Valley.

Is Santa Clarita affected by water restrictions?

New restrictions Odd addresses Monday, Wednesday and Friday Even addresses Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday No watering on SaturdaysLimit the number of cycles per station and per watering day (10 minutes maximum) for watering stations.)

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