Santa Cruz Municipal Utilities Bill Pay

santa cruz municipal utilities bill pay

Water is provided by the Santa Cruz Municipal Utilities (SCMU) to approximately 97,767 locals.The Santa Cruz Municipal Utilities (SCMU), which was founded in 1876, obtains its groundwater and surface water from four different locations: the Purisima and Santa Margarita Aquifers beneath the North Coast, the San Lorenzo River, Loch Lomond Reservoir, and the Live Oak Wells.

Although you’ll probably already have running water when you move into a new home in Santa Cruz, you’ll still need to set up water service with the Santa Cruz Municipal Utilities (SCMU).Fortunately, Santa Cruz has made it fairly simple with the online form below. Starting service generally takes just two business days

You must inform Santa Cruz Municipal Utilities (SCMU) that you are leaving your residence if you want to stop receiving water bills. Simply fill out the following online form Stopping service normally takes just two business days

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To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Santa Cruz Municipal Utilities (SCMU)

PAY BILL – please utilize our online payment platform at this time. Cash payments by appointment only. START SERVICE – start service requests made after …


Welcome to MyCityofSantaCruz , a simple and secure online portal for managing your City of Santa Cruz services and bills . Make payments quickly and …


How much is the water bill in Santa Cruz?

The typical price per billing unit is $2 (100 cubic feet or 748 gallons).76The typical rate per billing unit outside of Santa Cruz City limits is $3.52

Where do I pay a parking ticket in Santa Cruz?

You can pay your fine and the costs of traffic school in one of three ways: (Recommended) Pay onlineMail a check to Santa Cruz Superior Court, 701 Ocean Street, Room 120, Santa Cruz, California 95060, to make a payment.Pay In Person: At the Clerk’s Office in Watsonville or Santa Cruz, or by dropping off your payment at either location.

Where does Santa Cruz get its water from?

In Santa Cruz County, our streams and groundwater aquifers, which are entirely refilled by nearby rainfall, provide nearly all of our water needs.Aquifers are permeable geologic basins that contain groundwater that provides about 80% of our water supply.

In what county is Santa Cruz?

Santa Cruz County is located at the northernmost point of Monterey Bay, about 65 miles south of San Francisco, 35 miles north of Monterey, and 35 miles southwest of Silicon Valley, and has a population of 276 603 people.

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