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Welcome to our blog post about Sevier County electric bill pay. We live in a world of ever-changing technology and convenience, and Sevier County Electric Cooperative has made it simpler than ever to pay your electric bills. No longer do you need to worry about mailing checks or having to make trips to the bank or even to the office of your electric cooperative. The online payment system is a fast and secure way to pay your bill and keep track of previous payments. We’ll provide an overview of the payment system and all of the features it offers today. We’ll also talk about the types of payments accepted and how to sign up for an online account. With this new technology, you can rest assured that your electricity bills will be taken care of with ease and convenience. Thanks for joining us today as we explore the Sevier County Electric Cooperative’s payment system and how it can make your life a little easier.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Electric Utility Billing

Through our Automated Attendant you can now conveniently pay your electric bill over the telephone. All you need is your electric account number and your Visa,

Customer Portal

Click here to login to our customer service portal to make payments. Outage.

sevier county electric bill pay

Retail Electric rates – Transition Month Effective Date: December 1, 2022 Residential Rate-Schedule-RSResidential Rate-Schedule-SRSCommercial Rate-Schedule-GSAResidential Rate-Schedule-RS

Demand for customers with or without contracts, 0 to 50 kW:

Demand between 50 and 1,000 kW or under 50 kW but more than 15,000 kWh:

Demand Charge in dollars per kW of demand:

First 50 kW of billing demand per month…………..………………………………. No Charge

Energy Charge per kWh:

Demand greater than 1,000 kW:

Demand Charge in dollars per kW of demand:

Plus an additional $14. The amount by which the customer’s billing demand exceeds the greater of 2,500 kW or its contract demand will be charged at a rate of 41 per kW per month.

Each potential client of Sevier County Electric System who wants to use electricity for new construction must:

  • Sign SCES’s standard application for service contract.
  • Post a deposit or acceptable guarantor’s agreement.
  • Pay a service / connection charge.
  • Sign an easement.
  • Obtain the necessary state electrical permits. (To be purchased by the electrician performing the work) ).
  • Obtain subsurface sewage system layout from county Health Department.

Only after a successful inspection has been conducted by a designated representative of the Division of Fire Prevention, Department of Insurance, State of Tennessee, is SCES authorized to install electric service.

Transfer of Existing ServiceSevier County Electric System requires each prospective customer desiring electric service to:

  • Sign SCES’s standard application for service contract.
  • Post a deposit or acceptable guarantor’s agreement.
  • Pay a service / connection charge.

Unless otherwise specified in the contract, customers who have completed their obligations under the agreement and wish to discontinue service must do so with at least three days’ notice. Customers are not released from any minimum or guaranteed payments under any contract rates by giving notice of service termination prior to the end of the contract term.

Discontinuation by SCES SCES reserves the right to refuse service or terminate a connection for the following reasons:

  • Violation of any of its rules and regulations.
  • Any violation of the schedule of rates and charges’ rules
  • Any violation of the terms of the customer’s contract or the application

This includes past-due accounts and the theft of current items or the discovery of current theft tools on the customer’s property. Before service can be reinstated for a past-due account, all outstanding debts must be settled in full, along with a reconnect fee. The customer is still obligated to SCES to pay minimum bills as specified in contracts and any other amounts owed SCES even if SCES stops providing service for any of the aforementioned reasons.


Deposit based on FICO score. If no score available deposit will be $250. 00. Interest paid on all regular cash deposits.

Commercial & Overnight Rentals:

New Service – Single Phase

Read Meter Only $25.00
Non-CT Installations $25.00
Non-CT After Hours $125.00
CT Installations $150.00
CT Inst. After Hours $200.00

New Service – Three Phase

0 – 225 amp $50.00
400 amp and larger $200.00

Please ensure Javascript is enabled for purposes of

0 – 225 amp $75.00
400 amp and larger $400.00

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