Shelby County Water Bill Pay

shelby county water bill pay

We will no longer hang door tags for past due accounts as of January 1, 2022.Please provide us with your most recent contact information so that you can continue to receive notifications.

The owner or the owner’s executor must sign a water users agreement and provide all of the following in order to receive water services at an existing meter:

SCAM ALERT: Scammers have been reported to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office in our area.The Shelby County Water Services Department may be impersonated by scammers who demand payment with a credit card for past-due water bills.Before providing any information over the phone, check the status of any accounts with a nearby office or by calling a known number.

Shelby County Water Services serves both retail and wholesale customersMore than 13,000 retail accounts, mostly in Westover and Chelsea, as well as the communities of Eagle Point, Greystone, Forrest Park, Forrest Lakes, Mt. Laurel, Regent Park, Villas Belvedere, and Highland Village The retail customer accounts have grown from 3,200 in 2001When the former Westover Water Authority merged with Shelby County Water Services in 2007, it contributed some of that increase.

The active wholesale customers are Alabaster, Pelham, and Sterrett-VandiverThese water systems purchase water from Shelby County Water Services in large quantities and sell it to their customers.

Water for Shelby County Water Services is obtained from the Coosa River and is treated in two facilities.The Talladega/Shelby Water Treatment Plant, which is close to Childersburg and is jointly owned by Talladega County and Shelby County, is one of the facilities.The Shelby County South Water Treatment Plant, which is the other facility, is located close to Wilsonville and is owned and operated by Shelby County. It started producing drinking water in 2008.

Please remember to dial Alabama 811 at (888) 811-81 prior to any digging.The water main (or other utility line) that you protect from harm may be the one that supplies water to you and your neighbors; IT IS THE LAW!

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Water Services | Shelby County, AL – Official Website

To view your account or make a payment , please click here. For water services at an existing meter, the owner or owner’s executor must sign a water user’s …

Online Payments | Shelby County, AL – Official Website

Shelby County gladly accepts online payments for the following taxes and services: … Shelby County Water Bill · State of Alabama Drivers License Renewals.

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