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Paying bills is a task that many of us face on a routine basis. It can be a mundane task that takes up valuable time, yet is necessary in order to keep things running smoothly. Sonora Quest Laboratories understands this and has provided the Bill Pay Service to their clients to make the process easier. This service provides clients with an effortless and secure way to pay their bills quickly and accurately, allowing them to focus on the things that matter most in life. With this service, Sonora Quest Labs provides an easy, convenient, and secure way to pay your lab bills.
This post will explore Sonora Quest’s Bill Pay service, including the benefits, features, and how to pay your bills. Additionally, we will cover some tips to help you make the most of this service. We’ll also discuss some other tools and services provided by Sonora Quest that can help streamline your bill payments. By the end of this post, you will have all the information you

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Patient Dashboard

Manage or schedule appointments, access test results, pay your bill, or make updates to your account profile. Create an account to access these features

Frequently Asked Questions

Our recommendation is that patients pay their lab invoice (with no additional

sonora quest bill pay

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For responses to frequently asked questions in each category, choose from the menus below. During the hours of 7 a.m. to midnight, call customer service at 1-800-853-4288 if you can’t find what you’re looking for. m. – 12 p. m. , and 1 p. m. to 5 p. m. , Monday through Friday.

Please remit payment to:

When paying at the time of service, receive discounts on a variety of laboratory services.

If your invoice is hidden but you have an accession number, you can still pay it by clicking the button below. test.

Have a question about receiving your test results? We can provide assistance by providing answers to a number of frequently asked questions.

Note: To access your results if you have already accessed them through our patient results portal, click the ‘Online – Patient Results Portal’ option below.

You must be at least eighteen years old and have a social security number issued by the United States to access online results.

For alternative options if you don’t have a social security number, call 602-685-5959 from 8:00am to 5:30pm MST, Monday through Friday.

Have your results sent to you or someone you authorize

Fill out and submit an Authorization to Use or Disclose Protected Health Information (PHI) form to request lab results. This form is also available in Spanish.

By logging in, validating your account, and completing the Request to Link Minor Child to Parent/Guardian Patient Results Portal (also available in Spanish), you can obtain the laboratory results of a minor under the age of eighteen.

You must be logged in to sonoraquest. com before viewing your test results.

You are about to leave the Sonora Quest Laboratories site.

You may be receiving your results before your healthcare provider. This might be as a result of the timing of report delivery or other circumstances beyond the control of the laboratory or provider. Please allow time for their review.

These findings should not be taken as medical advice and are not intended to replace consultations with your physician or another healthcare provider. We strongly advise you to discuss your lab results with a doctor in order to fully comprehend what they mean. On the basis of any laboratory results delivered to you, neither Sonora Quest Laboratories nor its Medical Director will offer interpretation, counseling, consultation, or care recommendations.

Additionally, by selecting “I Understand,” you concur with the Terms.

Click Log In to sign into your SonoraQuest. com account or to create a new account. Please refrain from creating accounts for young children because you will ask to view their results under your account.

You are about to leave the Sonora Quest Laboratories site.

Your SonoraQuest. For access to our patient results portal and to request access to minor results, a valid com account is required. You will be taken to the authentication process, where approval could take up to 60 minutes. After that time, log back in to submit your request.

Additionally, by selecting “I Understand,” you concur with the Terms.

You want your access to your child’s results to be disabled. Click on ‘I understand’ to confirm.

We have received your request to block access to your child’s test results. Please wait for this change to appear in your account for one hour.

To update information, please select it, then click Save at the bottom of the page.

We appreciate you taking the time to update your insurance information with Sonora Quest Laboratories; we will only get in touch with you at the email address you provided if we require more details from you to complete your insurance update.

If not, our staff will handle your insurance update, and you can anticipate getting a new or updated explanation of benefits from your insurance company within the next 14 to 21 business days. Please be aware that the length of time it takes to process claims under your insurance plan may affect this process.

If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact Sonora Quest Laboratories by phone or email. We value your interactions with us and hope to continue serving you in the future. Our phone number is 1-800-853-4288, and our hours are Monday through Friday, 7:00am to 5:00pm. A list of your invoices that we were able to match to your account is below. Simply choose the invoice(s) you wish to pay and click the “Pay Selected” button to proceed with the transaction. View Payment History The list of your payments made solely through our website is provided below. Payments made over the phone, by mail, or in person won’t show up. A recent payment made online might still be pending if you can’t find it.

To reschedule your home collection appointment, please select a reason. Please be aware that if you cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment, you will not be entitled to a convenience fee refund. Getlabs can be reached at 424-438-5227 if you have any inquiries about convenience fee refunds.

This will cancel your appointment with the At Home phlebotomist. Since your appointment is less than 24 hours away, you cannot get your convenience fee back. To discuss your options, contact Getlabs customer service at 424-438-5277 by phone or text.

We apologize, but appointments made for later than two hours cannot be changed or cancelled online. To cancel this appointment please call 424-438-5227.

We apologize, but appointments made for later than two hours cannot be changed online. To reschedule this appointment please call 424-438-5227.

If you need to change your name, birthdate, or sex, call our Patient Solutions Team at 602 685. 5959 (available M-F 8:00 a. m. – 5:30 p. m. ) Sonora Quest Chat HIPAA Disclaimer.

The chatbot at Sonora Quest is made to give general details about our services. It is currently an automated service, and using it to speak with a live representative is not possible. It cannot provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, nor can it respond to inquiries about specific patients. You agree not to give our chatbot any personal information by utilizing this service.


What is the phone number for Quest billing?

Sonora Quest Laboratories offers internal payment plans that allow customers to pay their outstanding balance in up to five monthly installments.

Does Sonora Quest do payment plans?

When Quest completes a lab test that was prescribed by your doctor, we submit a claim to your health insurance company. Depending on your coverage, your health insurance provider will pay us. You might receive a direct bill from Quest Diagnostics if your health plan does not fully cover the cost of the testing.

Why did Quest Diagnostics send me a bill?

All past-due balances might need to be paid at the time of service. For failure to pay for prior services, Quest Diagnostics reserves the right to refuse laboratory services.

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