Ssc Bill Pay

ssc bill pay

You can quickly make a payment through SSC’s payment portal and look over previous invoices.Even if you’ve been a customer for a while, our accounting team can set you up right away so that you can view your entire invoice history.

Call our accounting department at 330 to open an account.4762757They will then send you an email containing a link to the website, your username, and your password.You should configure your “Wallet” after logging in.To add your bank account details, click the red “Add new payment method” button and choose between an eCheck or a credit card. You can also add multiple forms of payment

While we accept all payment methods through the portal, we advise using an eCheck because there is no hold placed on previous funds in the event that your order changes.Once you’ve decided on a payment method, go ahead and enter the necessary details before clicking “Save.”

Any open invoice that you have can now be paid.To do this, select “make payment” from the page’s menu at the top.On the invoices you want to pay, click the “Pay” button.Choose the account you want to use by clicking “Next,” then click “Submit,” and you’re done!

Lastly, you can view your invoice and payment historiesView the entire invoice online, or save a copy to your computer for future reference.

We hope this will assist you in beginning to use our payment portal.Join us soon for additional videos on how to make the most of our website.

Visit our YouTube channel at https://www for more details and other step-by-step visual instructions.youtubecom/playlist?list=PLRixCVaF_1L1f8q4WHl3zEZTlkZ4dANQn to watch a short video on our other topics!

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