Suntrust Bill Pay

SunTrust Bill Pay is an online bill pay service offered by SunTrust Bank that enables customers to pay their bills at their convenience. It makes it easy to manage your bills and save time and money. SunTrust Bill Pay is a secure and convenient way to pay your bills and keep track of your spending. With SunTrust Bill Pay, you can make payments to almost any individual or business in the United States. The service also allows you to set up automatic payments, schedule one-time payments, and view a history of your payments. It is offered free of charge to all SunTrust checking, savings and money market account holders. SunTrust Bill Pay is a great way to help you manage your finances and save time and money. In this blog post, we will discuss what SunTrust Bill Pay offers and how you can use it to make payments and manage your finances.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Digital Banking

With bill pay and eBills, you can view electronic versions of paper bills, track due dates, set up email reminders, and choose your payment frequency. And going

Truist Online Banking Login

Sign in to your Truist bank account to check balances, transfer funds, pay bills and more. Our simple and secure login platform keeps your information safe.

suntrust bill pay

Benefits for you:

  • Get up-to-the-minute balance and transaction information.
  • 18-month account history, including copies of paid checks and deposit tickets, is available for download or printing.
  • Easily connect your financial accounting software, like Intuit® QuickBooks®.
  • Make real-time transfers to other Truist accounts.
  • Submit stop payment requests on checks.
  • Set email or mobile alerts about your account.

Keep your account secure:

  • Establish distinct user IDs and permissions to grant others the access you desire.
  • Use Face ID or Touch ID to sign in fast.
  • Review transactions that cleared the day before using Fraud InspectorTM, and start returning any suspected fraudulent items. Enroll in Truist online business banking right away to gain access to Fraud Inspector.

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Benefits for you:

  • Check your balance, view and search transactions, transfer funds.
  • Pay your bills.
  • Deposit checks without a trip to the bank.
  • Get customizable account alerts right to your phone.

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Benefits for you:

  • Pay all your domestic vendors in online banking.
  • Schedule payment dates that work for your business.
  • Choose a frequency—one time, recurring, or auto pay—that works best for you.
  • Set reminders and view your payment history.
  • Help reduce fraud with paperless statements.

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Pay employees in a few easy steps using direct deposit or checks.

Benefits for you:

  • Calculate earning, deductions, and taxes automatically.
  • Create and print payroll checks, W2s, or 1099s.
  • Access to pay records, W-2s, and 1099s should be password-protected and secure for employees.
  • By automatically calculating and filing your federal, state, and local taxes, you can avoid penalties.
  • Online tax filing and payment tracking ensures you don’t miss any crucial information or deadlines.
  • Connect to well-known accounting programs like Xero, AccountEdge, Zoho Books, and Quickbooks®.
  • Get unlimited support—available by phone, email, or live chat.

Enroll in Truist online business banking right away to access online payroll.

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Set it and forget it. To pay your bills automatically each month, use ACH or ask your clients to do so.

Benefits for you:

  • Set up recipients, create payment templates, and review notifications.
  • Make one-time or ongoing payments to any individual or company that has a bank account.

Best for:

  • Minimizing the cost of sending money electronically.
  • Moving money between your different bank accounts.
  • the establishment of direct deposit for employee pay or Social Security benefits
  • Making automatic contributions to retirement accounts or education savings accounts.

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Sometimes you need a little extra security for big transactions. With wire transfers, we can release the money right away after receiving your approval and verifying the accounts.

Benefits for you:

  • Send money domestically or internationally.
  • Access funds within one business day—or sooner.
  • Initiate transfers online, by phone, or at a branch.
  • Maintain control with multi-level security features.
  • Get quick confirmation reports.

Best for:

  • Sending large sums of money.
  • Making international transactions.
  • Making fast payments.

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Benefits for you:

  • Access Zelle® through your desktop and mobile device.
  • Send payment requests to customers—without sharing sensitive account info.2
  • Receive payments in minutes.1
  • Pay eligible vendors.
  • Issue refunds to your customers.2

How it works:

  • Access Zelle® by signing into Truist Online or Mobile Banking.
  • Enroll with Zelle® using a U. S. mobile number or email address.
  • Inform clients that you accept Zelle® payments so they can send you money using your enrolled email or U S. mobile number.
  • Direct payments from customers to your eligible Truist bank accounts are also possible.
  • If your financial institution offers Zelle®, you can send money to eligible small businesses and consumers by searching for them using their U S. mobile number or email address.
  • Payments typically arrive within minutes1

Best for:

  • receiving payments from others who use Zelle® through their financial institution quickly
  • Requesting payment from customers without sharing account information.

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Small businesses can send, request, and receive money directly between eligible bank accounts in the U.S. using the quick, secure, and simple service Zelle®. S. Customers can send payments directly to your Truist business bank account using Zelle® in their mobile banking app, and they typically receive their payments within minutes1.

Choose Send Money with Zelle® in online or mobile banking. Enter your customer’s email address or U. S. mobile number and choose Request. You must email your request to your customer’s email address if they haven’t signed up for Zelle® yet.

You can encourage your clients to pay you through Zelle® in a few different ways.

  • Inform clients verbally that you accept Zelle® payments and that they can send you money directly from a banking app.
  • Include Zelle® as a payment option on your invoices.
  • Use Zelle® to request money3 from your customers.

Once you’ve signed up for Zelle®, payments are usually available right away.

Sign in and choose Send Money with Zelle® to begin. Enter your email address or U. S. Accept the terms and conditions, enter your mobile number, get and verify a one-time verification code, and you can begin sending and receiving with Zelle® for your small business.

There isn’t a protection scheme in place for any unauthorized payments made using Zelle® at the moment. We won’t be able to assist you in getting a refund, for instance, if you don’t receive an item you paid for or the item isn’t what was promised or what you anticipated. Use Zelle® only with people and companies you trust, as a result.

If the small business or individual you sent money to has not yet signed up for Zelle®, you cannot cancel a payment. Go to your activity page, select the desired payment, and then click Cancel to cancel. Sending money to a small business or individual who has already signed up for Zelle® through their financial institution results in a direct deposit into their account that cannot be reversed. We advise getting in touch with the recipient and asking for your money back if you sent it to the incorrect person.

Sending cash to individuals or other small businesses who bank with a financial institution that provides Zelle® is possible. We don’t currently support sending to (or receiving from) users who are only signed up for the Zelle® app.

The money is transferred directly to the recipient’s bank account and cannot be canceled if the small business or person you are sending money to has already signed up for Zelle® through their bank’s mobile app. Never send money to anyone you don’t trust, and make sure you’ve entered the right email address or U S. mobile number.

Share it with your customers once you’ve signed up for Zelle® and ask them to send payments using their own mobile banking app. Payments will be made directly into your account, and you won’t need to share any of your private account information. However, you cannot send money to or receive money from people who have only downloaded the Zelle® app.

Sending money with Zelle® from your enrolled Truist business account is free of charge. However, payments made through Zelle® and deposited into your business account will incur a 1 0% fee by Truist. The maximum fee is capped at $15 per received transaction.

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You work hard for your money. We work hard to keep it safe.

Our promise to you:

  • All transactions are secure and encrypted.
  • Our networks are kept virus-free with the latest anti-virus software.
  • With our online and mobile banking, we are utilizing the most recent security measures.
  • When you visit our branches and interact with our staff, the strictest security measures are in place.

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Does SunTrust have bill-pay?

View, manage, and securely pay bills in one location with just one sign-in. You can track due dates, set up email reminders, view electronic versions of paper bills, and select your payment frequency with bill pay and eBills.

How does SunTrust bill-pay Work?

Homeowners can enroll in automatic recurring ACH debits. Online payment options include eCheck, Credit Card, and Debit Card. They can mail a check and an Association Services coupon, or they can pay in person at any Truist branch. Finally, they can use online bill-pay to send a payment straight from their bank account.

How do I pay Truist online?

You should always go to the Truist. com website and select the Online Payments link to complete a transaction. For additional information, please refer to Truist’s Security Central section.

How do I login to my SunTrust account?

First time sign in from a computer Visit truist. com on or after February 21, 2022. In the picture below, the Sign In icon is highlighted with a blue outline and an arrow. 2. Enter your SunTrust Business Online User ID and Password.

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