Swansea Sewer Bill Pay

swansea sewer bill pay

It is simple and automatic to open or close your sewer and/or trash accounts with the City of Belleville.Following getting in touch with Illinois American Water at 800-422-2782 or online at wwwamwaterWhen you contact the City of Belleville via.com regarding your water service, they receive your account information and either open or close your sewer and/or trash account.

On a blue post card, the invoice for the City of Belleville’s sewer and/or trash account is printed.View a sewer bill example with explanations of the fees.

Note: In accordance with our city’s Title V: Chapter 50 ordinance, bills for rental property are sent to the owner or management firm.015 Basic charges for all users of city sewersYou can sign up for a Payment Service Network account to get email notifications.If you need your account number, call us at 618-233-6810.

For accounts that are being closed, take note that the closing bill will show a different account number and any outstanding fees.To ensure that your payment is applied properly, be sure to specify the right account number.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:



An additional fee of 50¢ is applied for payments below $100. Make payments in 3, quick steps; View electronic payment history; View eBills; View balance due …

Make a Payment – Swansea Water District


The Swansea Water District’s Online Payment Center gives customers a convenient, efficient, and user-friendly way to pay bills online 24-hours a day, …

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