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TeamHealth has been actively engaged with federal lawmakers to develop a legislative solution that protects patients by eliminating surprise medical billing.

TeamHealth supports a ban on surprise medical bills

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team health bill pay

At TeamHealth, we believe that federal legislation to address surprise medical billing must protect patients and require insurer accountability, transparency and reasonable limits on a patient’s out-of-pocket costs.

Patients who receive out-of-network care and then receive a bill days or weeks later because their insurer did not cover the cost of their care can experience unexpected medical bills. Patients are now caught in the middle of a complex dispute over reimbursement between healthcare providers and the commercial insurance sector.

Recently,%20commercial%20insurance%20companies%20have%20taken%20great%20strides%20to%20reduce%20emergency%20clinician%20reimbursement%20by%20as%20much%20as%2030% Additionally, insurers now frequently shift costs to patients by raising out-of-pocket expenses like deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments. Due to this, patients are now receiving large bills from providers that previously went unpaid by commercial insurance; this is referred to as the “surprise medical bill.”

team health bill pay

team health bill pay

team health bill pay

team health bill pay

Today,%20more%20than%2085%%20of%20the%20care%20delivered%20by%20TeamHealth%20emergency%20medicine%20doctors%20across%20the%20country%20is%20in-network%20with%20insurance%20companies For 16 million visits to hospital emergency rooms in 2018, TeamHealth provided emergency medical services. No matter the patient’s insurance status, lack of insurance, or financial capacity to pay for the care they receive, we provide care to everyone who contacts us. %20In%20fact,%2075%%20of%20our%20patient%20encounters%20are%20reimbursed%20by%20Medicare%20or%20Medicaid%20or%20the%20patient%20is%20uninsured %20This%20means%2075%%20of%20the%20patient%20care%20we%20deliver%20is%20not%20reimbursed%20at%20a%20level%20that%20covers%20the%20cost%20of%20delivering%20it

We rely on insurance companies, like other emergency medicine practitioners, to offset this underfunded and uncompensated care. All patients can receive emergency care thanks to this collaboration between healthcare providers and insurance companies, including the uninsured and the poor who would otherwise have nowhere else to turn.

The most vulnerable and seriously ill people are left without access to care if the commercial insurance sector is unwilling to bear the cost of underfunded and uncompensated care. Additionally, rural areas that frequently do not have a significant number of residents with commercial insurance face the possibility of their local hospitals being forced to shut down or ration services.

Tell your Congressman to pass H.R. 3502, the Surprise Medical Bills Act, to find a solution that does not undermine our nation’s healthcare delivery system while protecting patient access to vital emergency care services.

TeamHealth has been actively engaged with federal lawmakers to develop a legislative solution that protects patients by eliminating surprise medical billing.

  • TeamHealth has a longstanding policy against surprise medical billing. Even though insurers frequently request that we pass the costs along to patients, we steadfastly decline to do so.
  • Because we do not think patients should be caught up in a provider and insurance company reimbursement dispute, we instead choose to take legal action to force insurers to uphold their financial obligations to their own customers.

TeamHealth opposes proposed legislation that that gives insurance companies more power and allows them to increase their record-setting profits.

  • The solution that most insurance companies favor will severely restrict your family’s access to healthcare and would force many medical professionals—especially those in rural areas—out of business.
  • Unfortunately, insurance companies favor a solution that could force physicians and hospitals out of business by driving payments to unsustainable levels, raising patient costs, and other negative effects. The insurance industry is actively urging the federal government to support a proposal that jeopardizes the vital social safety net that underpins emergency medicine in America.

There is a big difference in “surprise medical bills” and “out-of-network” bills.

  • When patients receive out-of-network care and then receive a bill days later because their insurance provider declined to cover the cost, this results in unexpected medical bills.
  • This most frequently occurs in emergency care, where patients who are experiencing a medical emergency do not have time to confirm whether the hospital or the doctors are in-network and instead visit a facility that is dedicated to providing care to all patients regardless of their ability to pay.
  • Over time, unexpected medical bills have increased as a result of insurance companies converting their clients to high deductible plans with substantial out-of-pocket costs. Due to insurance companies’ efforts to shift costs to patients by increasing out-of-pocket expenses, this situation is getting worse.

TeamHealth believes that if passed, the proposed legislation that the insurance companies prefer will produce a number of dire, frightening consequences for providers, hospitals and families across America.

  • Rural hospitals may be forced to close or ration care.
  • The number of clinicians working in emergency rooms in America will decrease.
  • The standard of care provided to patients in emergency rooms across the country will deteriorate
  • Insurance company expenses that they claim will result in lower premiums will actually be used to boost their profits.
  • Overall healthcare costs will rise as fewer doctors are working in our country’s emergency rooms.

TeamHealth supports the principles behind H.R. 3502, the Surprise Medical Bills Act, to find a solution to this issue that protects patients to vital emergency care services and does not undermine our nation’s delivery system.

  • H. R. Patients are protected by 3502, which also ensures that insurance providers are answerable to both the government and their clients. The Independent Dispute Resolution (IDR) process, which is a fair interim payment arrangement, is combined in this bill.
  • In Texas and New York, two states with high emergency department traffic, IDR is already in place and is beneficial to all parties. We think IDR could effectively address this significant issue on a national level.

Visit our extensive resource at https://www for more details on how TeamHealth is actively pursuing a solution that puts patients first. teamhealthputspatientsfirst. com/.


Is Team Health legitimate?

The Knoxville-based company is accused of intentionally defrauding patients, shortchanging doctors, misleading insurers, and raising the cost of emergency medical care. Despite paying millions in settlements, the accusers claim TeamHealth won’t stop without judicial intervention.

Is Team Health a collection agency?

HEALTHCARE FINANCIAL SERVICES We offer billing and collections, coding and documentation, compliance and reporting to help safeguard your reimbursement levels.

Who owns Team Health?

Type Private
Total equity US$4 Billion (2010)
Number of employees 20,000
Parent Blackstone Group

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