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one deep root fertilization application to your trees and shrubs per yearDepending on the size, we inject 1 to 5 tubes of fertilizer per tree or shrub in your yard.This is a slow-release liquid fertilizer that enters the root system 4 to 6 inches deep.In the top 2 to 8 inches of soil, where there is a lot of water and oxygen, tree roots that can absorb fibers are most common.

Deep root fertilization is a crucial procedure, especially if you want to keep your trees and shrubs healthy.Due to the inability of standard fertilizers to reach the root zone in compacted soil, some nutrients may be lost to rival grassroots plants.Deep root fertilization performed once a year on trees and shrubs that are unable to obtain enough nutrients from their surroundings will be very beneficial.

If you continue a tree and shrub program, they will get healthier overall and more resistant to illness and insect infestation. However, yearly deep root fertilization is recommended once a year Login

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