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The town of Forest City is a vibrant and growing community located in the heart of the Midwest. With a population of over 10,000 people, Forest City is an exciting place to live, work, and play. In an effort to make life easier for its residents, Forest City has implemented an online bill pay system, allowing residents to quickly and easily make payments to the city for their water, sewer, and garbage services. This system is designed to save residents time and money, while providing convenient, secure, and efficient bill payment. With the town of Forest City bill pay, residents no longer have to make a trip to the city offices, stand in line, and wait for assistance to make their payments. The system is completely online, allowing users to easily make payments from their computers, tablets, or smartphones. With the town of Forest City bill pay, users can save time and money, while ensuring their payments are securely made. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how

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Utilities & Services

For utility billing questions or service information, call (828) 245-0148. The Billing Coordinator is Sherry McNeilly and can be reached by phone at (828) 248-

town of forest city bill pay

Location and Contact Information

At 128 North Powell St., City Hall houses our office. in downtown Forest City.

Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm are the lobby hours.

Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm are the drive-through hours.

For utility billing questions or service information, call (828) 245-0148.

Sherry McNeilly, the billing coordinator, can be reached at (828) 248-5207 or sherr[email protected] com.

To Obtain Utilities

  • The total amount of any old bill must be paid.
  • Fees:
    • Electric $100 Deposit
    • Water $25 Deposit
    • Transfer fee $30

All of our residents are provided with electric, water, sewer, and sanitation services by the Town of Forest City. We additionally offer water service to numerous customers outside of our corporate boundaries. We are very proud to offer these services to all of our clients.

Your utility bill contains information about your account:

Your bill’s top right-hand corner contains your account number.

Each month, your bill displays the previous reading and the current reading for your electric and/or water. Previous and Present Readings with Usage The usage displays the number of gallons of water and kilowatt hours (kwh) you drained during this billing cycle.

Dates of Service: This shows how long your bill is valid for. It provides you with the read dates going back to the most recent one.

Days: This represents the overall number of days included in this billing cycle. Depending on when it was read, it can change from month to month.

Past Due Date: This is the day on which current fees are expected to be paid in full without a late fee being added to the account. This date does not extend time for any previous balance. Your bill will display a past due notice for any previous balance.

If your account has an outstanding balance, your utility bill will print a Past Due Notice informing you of the deadline for payment in order to keep your services from being disconnected.

Check the bottom of your utility bill for any messages that may be there at all times. Helpful information will be printed in this area.

You must visit the office at 128 N. Forest Street to submit an application for electric, water, or sewer services with the Town of Forest City. Powell Street and sign an agreement. Bring a picture ID, your social security card, your lease agreement from your landlord, and the precise address where you want to be connected. If you are purchasing the property, please bring ownership documentation. An application for utility services will need to be completed. Deposits of $100. 00 for electricity and $25. 00 for water are required before service will be connected.

There is a $30. 00 transfer fee for services provided at different locations. For the new location to be connected, a lease agreement or ownership documentation is required. Additionally, a fresh application for utility services must be submitted.

For your convenience, you can print the application form and complete it before visiting the office.

Every month, beginning on the first working day of the month, meters are read Based on these readings, utility bills are then computed and sent between the 20th and 25th of that month. The invoice must be paid by the 15th of the subsequent month. A $6 or 1. 5%%20past%20due%20fee%20(whichever%20is%20greater)%20is%20added%20to%20the%20account%20if%20the%20balance%20is%20not%20paid%20in%20office%20or%20online%20by%205:00%20pm%20on%20the%2015th After that, on or after the third of the subsequent month, delinquent accounts are subject to service interruption or disconnection. The finance officer calculates the precise date of service termination taking weekends, holidays, etc. into account. An example of this schedule is as follows:

On or after September 1

Meter is read

September 20-25

Bill is mailed based on reading

October 15

Bill is due (if not paid, a $6 or 1.5% fee is charged)

On or after November 3

Delinquent accounts are subject to disconnection/interruption of service. A delinquent administration fee of $45 is assessed if past due balance is not paid in office or online before 5:00 pm on day preceding scheduled disconnection/interruption of service.

In the event that service is halted or interrupted due to non-payment, all outstanding balances and fees must be paid in order for service to be resumed. To schedule reconnection after making a past-due payment online, you must contact the Utility Billing and Collections Department by phone during regular business hours. Anyone requesting the reconnection of services will be charged a $75 service fee if a public works on-call worker needs to be sent out after the meter department’s regular business hours. Meter Department hours are 7:30am until 4:00pm.

Prior to the scheduled disconnection or interruption of service on or after the third of each month, the Town has put in place a call notification system.

All payments must be received at City Hall. The field staff of the service will not accept payments.

Call 245-0148, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, if you have any queries about your utility bill.

Utility payments can be made in a variety of ways:

  • Walk-in payments are welcomed. Additionally, we have a drive-thru window for payments and an after-hours drop box. You must have a copy of your bill with you when using the drive-through window.
  • A bank draft can be set up in the office. We also accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express. You can use this service at Town Hall in person or online.
  • Payments made at Town Hall: Town Hall accepts payments made with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Must have valid picture ID.
  • Night time deposit box
  • By internet at Town of Forest City Online Services

Meter tampering is defined by NC Law G. S. 14-151. 1 as tampering with or bypassing electric, gas, or water meters; prima facie evidence of intent to do so; illegal reconnection of electricity, gas, or water; civil liability This is punishable with up to a $500. 00 fine or two years in prison.

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