Tri County Electric Online Bill Pay

After creating your account, you can view your bill, pay your bill, or modify your account information by using the buttons on the left.

Probably. You need to have a credit-card account. You will also require a pay-online password provided by the Co-op. Please call the Co-op office so we can provide you with a password if you cannot find it on your power bill.

To protect your payment information, Tri-County Electric employs the sector-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. Basically, our server initiates an SSL session by sending your browser its public key when you access our website’s pay-online section. To ensure the security of the data, the browser establishes an exchange with the server and sends a secret key that it randomly generates to it.

Yes. Please get in touch with customer service if you try to use our pay-online system but are unsuccessful. When you first use our pay-online service, we advise you to give yourself enough time to pay your bill as usual to be on the safe side.

Yes. Every month, your bill will arrive so you can see how much energy you used and when you need to make a payment.

When you access our online payment page, we prompt you to choose whether you want to charge your current bill to the credit card we have on record for you. Simply enter the new card type, account number, expiration date, and any other new information if you want to use a different card.

You can use a new payment method whenever you’d like. Your profile can only be accessed by you, so there is no need to delete it. However, if you want to delete your profile, just adhere to the instructions on the profile page.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Pay My Bill Online

Pay My Bill Online · Enter your account number without the last three digits (001, 002, etc.). · Enter the same number for your password. · Click the Submit button


If you have not registered before, then you will need to Register now. Forgot your password? Click Here. Add Site To Homescreen. ©Copyright 2015. Tri-County

tri county electric online bill pay

Do We Have Your Phone Number?

Logging into your account is necessary to update your phone number. Tri-County Electric will contact you regarding power outages at the phone number provided there, which can be found on the “My Account” tab of the app.

All members are urged to download the FREE TCEMC App from the Apple Store or Google Play Store so that you can manage your account.

Electric bills fluctuate, as they always represent your actual power usage, as is common knowledge. On our website, we offer usage management suggestions to assist you in controlling your bill. Additionally, we offer a range of options to help you pay your bills more conveniently and ensure that, despite your busy schedule, your bill for Tri-County Electric Membership Corporation will arrive on time.

Pick Your Due DateEveryone’s paydays are different. Tri-County Electric is happy to work with our Members to help select a Billing Due Date that helps insure that you have funds to pay your bill on time and to avoid any late fees. Moving the Due Date by a day or two can often help assure that our bill is due after each pay day instead of right before it.

You have a payment option where you can pay your bill 24/7/365 with cash, a credit card, or a check at our bill payment kiosks at the Lafayette and Scottsville offices. Bring your bill or account number to complete the simple transaction.

Tax Exempt customers are required to provide the appropriate form from the Tennessee Department of Revenue or the Kentucky Department of Revenue.

The type of exemption to which your company is entitled must be specified in your exemption form. No credits or waivers for sales tax exemptions will be granted until this documentation has been submitted, and no refunds will be given if charges were made before your company submitted this documentation.

You can contact our office for assistance if you or someone you know is struggling to pay for electricity.

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