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Paying bills on time can be one of the most stressful and time-consuming aspects of managing your finances. Every month, it feels like an endless cycle of managing multiple accounts, tracking due dates, and keeping up with payment methods. Thankfully, Truliant Federal Credit Union provides a convenient and secure way to manage all of your bills in one place. Whether you’re a Truliant member or not, you can use their online bill pay feature to pay all of your bills quickly and easily from the comfort of your own home. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the details of Truliant bill pay, the advantages of using it, and the steps you need to take to get started.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Pay as a guest – Truliant Federal Credit Union Online Payment System

Welcome to the Truliant Online Loan Payment Service. Please enter the following information as it appears on your bill. Pay as a guest. Loan Number.

How to make loan payments & repayment options

Truliant’s Online Loan Payment Service allows you to pay on a Truliant loan from an account Use another financial institution’s online bill pay service.

truliant bill pay

Truliant’s Online Loan Payment Service allows you to pay on a Truliant loan from an account at another financial institution.

  • Registered or Guest options
  • One-time or recurring payments
  • Immediate or future date payment
  • Easy and convenient setup

Making a Truliant loan payment from an account at another financial institution is now simpler than ever thanks to our efforts. You can use our self-service tool to make an electronic payment using a debit card (credit cards are not accepted) or a checking or savings account that is not Truliant. Please be aware that using our online loan payment service to deposit money or make payments on a credit card, mortgage, or some business loans (such as SBA and letter of credit) is not possible. Please sign in to Online Banking or the Tru2Go app and choose Credit Card from the main navigation or the More menu to make a payment using a credit card. By choosing Manage My Mortgage from the Additional Services or More menu in Online Banking or the Tru2Go mobile app, mortgage payments can be made. Our Online Loan Payment Service is accessible in our Guest portal for a $7 fee or for free through Online Banking. 00 per payment. Read our FAQs.

The best loan payment option we provide is for a Registered User to set up one-time or recurring payments at no cost. You are registered and prepared to use this service if you already use online banking. If you dont have online banking sign up here.

  • Free
  • Pay using a non-Truliant checking or savings account
  • Same-day processing1 or schedule for a future date
  • To save time, review payment history, set email reminders, and save account information.

How to use the Tru2Go® mobile app or online banking to access:

  • Online Banking: Click “Additional Services” and then “Online Loan Payment Service” (a new tab will open).
  • Tru2Go® Mobile App: From the More menu at the bottom of the screen, choose “Online Loan Payment Service.”

Best if you need to use your debit card or are making a last-minute, one-time payment.

  • $7.00 fee per payment
  • Pay with a debit card not issued by Truliant, or with a checking or savings account.
  • Same-day processing1 or schedule for a future date

By transferring money: Utilize Online Banking to transfer money between Truliant accounts. Use the online bill payment service of another financial institution. By mail: Truliant Federal Credit Union P. O Box 26000 Winston-Salem, NC 27114-6000 By phone: 800. 822. M-Th 8:00 am – 5:30 pm EST, Fri 8:00 am – 6:00 pm EST, and Sat 9:00 am – 12:00 pm EST are the hours that 0382 representatives are available. Please be aware that there will be a $10 fee for payments made using non-Truliant accounts. In a branch: Click here for a list of our locations and hours.

Online Loan Payment Service FAQsAre automatic recurring payments an option?

For registered users, automatic recurring payments are possible; however, the guest experience is not available. Please understand that you are in charge of managing your recurring automatic payments. Plan to cancel autopay before the last payment is due, then get in touch with us to get the final payoff amount. Are principal-only payments allowed?.

No, principal-only payments cannot be set up. The Online Loan Payment Service only accepts regular payments. Can I make a payment in excess of what is indicated as the amount due?

Yes, from $5 to $4,000 per payment. Paying less than what is indicated as due could result in a late fee. The Online Loan Payment Service accepts loan payments. Is this possible?

Yes, but before using the Online Loan Payment Service to pay off your loan, get in touch with Truliant to get a precise payoff amount. Can you cancel a payment through the online loan payment service?

Call a Member Contact Representative at 800. 822. 0382 for assistance. Can a payment be made to a delinquent loan?.

Yes, but special circumstances may prevent transactions from being made. Can a payment be set up for a future date?.

Yes, up to 60 days in advance, payments may be planned. Can payments be made by phone?.

Yes, but a $10. 00 fee applies for each payment. Can payments be made with a debit card?.

Yes, if paying through the Guest site, you may also use reloadable, unemployment, and employer-issued debit cards in addition to the debit card issued by your financial institution. No, if using online or mobile banking to make a payment through the registered website. Can the pay method be changed at any time?.

Yes, you have full control over changing the payment method you want to use whenever you want. Is it possible to use a credit card with the online loan payment service?

No, credit cards are not accepted as a payment method. If paying as a guest, you can use a debit card and a checking or savings account from another financial institution. Is it possible to have several checking or savings accounts with different financial institutions?

You have the choice to add multiple accounts as payment methods when using the Registered website. Does using the online loan payment service require you to set up automatic recurring payments?

No, one-time payments can be initiated each month. How soon will a payment be posted to the loan?

Except on federal holidays, payments received before 6:30 p.m. EST on Monday through Saturday are processed the same day. On the following business day, payments received after 6:30 p.m., on Sundays, or on federal holidays may be processed. How can I use a different financial institution’s account to pay off the balance on my Truliant credit card?

To make a payment, sign in to online or mobile banking and select “Credit Card.” Will the automatic payment setup in the Online Loan Payment Service still go through if I use Truliant’s Skip A Payment?

Yes, you must cancel any other scheduled automatic or preauthorized payments if you have requested a Skip A Payment. Does the Online Loan Payment Service charge a fee to use it?

No, if you are using the Registered site. If using the Guest site, a fee of $7. 00 applies per payment. Does the Online Loan Payment Service have a maximum number of payments that can be made at once?

There is a cap of three payments per loan within a 5-day window. Is there a minimum and maximum payment amount?.

Yes, you can make loan payments ranging from $5 to $4,000. What happens if my payment is returned?.

We will make a second attempt to process the payment. We will charge a $29 fee and reverse the payment from the loan account if the payment is returned after the second attempt. Please be aware that you will have limited access to the online loan payment service. You will need to contact us at 800. 822. 0382 ext. 6773 to reinstate service or arrange alternative payment methods for your Truliant loan. What should I do if the Online Loan Payment Service doesn’t list the payment amount due?

You can still make a payment, but depending on the loan type, the sum may be applied to principal or the subsequent payment. What if the payment does not post to my account?.

Call a Member Contact Representative at 800. 822. 0382 for assistance. What kinds of loans are eligible for online loan payments?

Any Truliant consumer loan except for mortgage and credit card. Several types of business loans can be repaid, but not all of them. What verification will be provided at the time of payment?.

You can ask for a confirmation via text message, and [email protected] will send you a confirmation email. Why can’t I use my online banking credentials to access the online loan payment service?

To use online banking, you must have a working email address. Make sure your email address is listed in “Settings” in online or mobile banking. Why, after I made the payment, didn’t my balance or the amount owed change?

To see the change, you might need to log out and then back in. Verify that your payment was received Monday through Saturday by 6:30 EST, excluding federal holidays. Can I see the payment that has been posted to my account?

You can review the loan history by logging into Online Banking or Mobile Banking. Your browser is not supported. In order to guarantee the security of your website session and your ability to utilize the full Truliant org website, please.


How do I pay my Truliant bill?

Additional loan repayment options
  1. By transferring money: Utilize Online Banking to transfer money between Truliant accounts.
  2. By bill payment: Use the online bill payment service of another financial institution.
  3. By mail: Truliant Federal Credit Union. …
  4. By phone: 800.822.0382. …
  5. In a branch: Click here for a list of our locations and hours.

Does Truliant work with Zelle?

You can use the Zelle® App with Your Truliant Account. You only need to download the Zelle app for Android or iOS, create an account, and upload your debit card information to use Zelle with your Truliant VISA debit card.

Is Truliant now Truist?

The combined Truist bank will have a market value greater than $2 trillion. 6 billion Truliant Federal Credit Union. In addition to this name and other names and taglines that begin with the letters “Tru,” Truliant’s branches, marketing, goods, and services are all distinctively branded.

What did Truliant used to be called?

Radio Shops Credit Union, the predecessor to Truliant Federal Credit Union, was established in 1952 to serve the needs of Western Electric employees. In the beginning, it provided credit union services in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and Burlington to about 2,000 members.

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