Ucemc Bill Pay

ucemc bill pay

Customers of Upper Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation may see an increase of $20 in their monthly electric bills as early as this month due to a Tennessee Valley Authority fuel cost adjustment.

According to UCEMC General Manager Jennifer Brogdon, the unusual spike is primarily the result of geopolitical developments that have raised gas prices.

“Same situation with our wholesale power provider TVA,” Brogdon saidAnd they have this long-standing mechanism that fluctuates in price according to how much it costs them to power their assets with things like natural gas, nuclear power, etc.”

According to Brogdon, the monthly fuel cost adjustment is erratic and varies.She claimed that the fluctuating rate is something over which UCEMC has no control.

As long as the trends in gas prices continue, according to Brogdon, the rate will stay higher.

You only pay for what you use, so if you use less than the average amount, Brogdon explained, you won’t notice the $20 difference.”And where we’ve been trying to stay cool, the heat won’t have as much of an impact.””

However, customers can take certain actions to try and reduce their costs.Among them are raising the thermostat by one or two degrees and drawing the curtains to block the sun.

According to Brogdon, UCEMC has chosen to approve a rate reduction for the third consecutive year.She claimed that they are making every effort to assist their members.

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