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When it comes to making sure that the bills are paid on time, it can be a challenge. With Utopia Fiber’s new bill pay system, managing monthly finances has never been easier. This revolutionary bill pay system is specifically designed to help customers save time, simplify their lives, and free themselves from the burden of remembering to pay their bills on time. This user-friendly system allows customers to make payments with just a few clicks, and they can even set up automatic payments to ensure their bills are paid on time every month. Customers can easily track their payments and view their payment history, so they never have to worry about missed payments again. With Utopia Fiber’s bill pay, customers can enjoy the convenience of taking control of their finances with a secure, reliable, and easy to use payment system.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

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Want to pay your UTOPIA bill? We will be accepting online payments through XPRESS Bill Pay.

How to Use ePay To Pay Your UTOPIA Fiber Bill


Once you have logged into your account, click the “Make a Payment” tab at the top left of your screen. If you have a balance to pay, you will

utopia fiber bill pay

Next Steps:

Sometime between September 8 and September 10, Xpress Bill Pay will send you an email with your September 2021 invoice. You can register for your account directly from that email.

If you previously set up recurring auto-pay with our previous provider, ePay, you must do so once more with Xpress Bill Pay.

You can connect your UTOPIA Fiber account to an already-existing Xpress Bill Pay account if you already have one. Contact Xpress Bill Pay at 800-766-2350 or [email protected] if you need help with this. com.

More information on Xpress bill Pay can be found here.

To access or register your account, click the button below:

Contact Xpress Bill Pay directly at 800-766-2350 or [email protected] if you have any questions. com.

UTOPIA Fiber at 801-613-3880 and [email protected]. com. What is the deadline for opening an Xpress Bill Pay account?

As soon as possible. We need all of our customers to switch over to Xpress Bill Pay as soon as they can because ePay will eventually be discontinued. Is my monthly payment amount changing?.

No. Your bill amount will stay the same. We are only switching payment providers, not your price. What is my account number?.

Your September invoice, which should arrive between September 8 and 10, will include your account number.

Additionally, you may use the Customer ID you were given when you first signed up for UTOPIA Fiber. Both numbers will work.

Call Xpress Bill Pay at 800-766-2350 if you don’t know or can’t find your account number or Customer ID. Will I still have access to ePay?.

No. Your ePay account will be disabled once you sign up for Xpress Bill Pay. Is there anything I need to cancel or delete from my ePay account?

No. You won’t need to remove your information from ePay when you sign up for Xpress Bill Pay because your account will be disabled. If you have ePay autopay enabled, it will also automatically deactivate it. Will Xpress Bill Pay allow me to view my past payment history?

No, we won’t be sending Xpress Bill Pay your payment history. Contact our Customer Service Department at 801-613-3880 or [email protected] if you require historical data from ePay. com. What payment methods does Xpress Bill Pay accept?.

You can transfer money directly from your checking account to pay your bills or use a credit card or debit card to do so. Will the bill-paying arrangement I made with my bank continue to be in effect?

Yes. If you already had automatic bill payment set up through your bank account, this change will not affect it. Does Xpress Bill Pay have an app?.

Yes, it is available through Android and iOS. When will I receive my invoice every month?.

You will see your invoice for the month of September some time between September 8 and September 10. You will start receiving invoices in the first week of each month starting in October 2021. When is my bill due?.

Payment is due the last day of the month. Will this modification have an impact on my Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) bill?


What is my Utopia account number?

Your September invoice, which will be delivered some time between September 8 and 10, will include your account number. Additionally, you may use the Customer ID you were given when you first signed up for UTOPIA Fiber. Both numbers will work.

Who owns UTOPIA Fiber?

UTOPIA Fiber, also known as the Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency, is a sister organization to the Utah Infrastructure Agency (UIA) and is owned by a group of 11 cities in that state.

How does utopia Internet work?

HOW IT WORKS. 11 cities in Utah own the fiber optic network known as UTOPIA Fiber. The world’s fastest communication technology uses light to transfer information. The majority of modern networks use copper wire infrastructure, which restricts the amount and speed of information that can be transferred.

What type of Internet is Utopia?

About UTOPIA Internet. The largest coverage area for UTOPIA is in Utah, where your chances of finding service are the best. You can also find UTOPIA in and many others. It is a fiber provider, which means that they use optical fiber rather than copper wire to deliver service faster than most other types of providers.

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