Waste Management Spokane Bill Pay

Waste management is an important responsibility for any city, and Spokane is no exception. Paying bills related to waste management is also an important part of this responsibility, and so is understanding how to pay those bills efficiently and securely. In this blog post, we’ll be looking at the waste management Spokane bill pay process, breaking it down into simple steps to help make the process as straightforward and easy to understand as possible. We’ll look at the different payment options available, how to submit payments, and how to access additional resources to help you make the best payment decisions. With the help of this blog, you’ll be able to confidently and securely make your payments to the waste management department in no time.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Pay My Bill


Make a one-time payment or enroll in automatic billing. Sign up for WM ezPay. Create a User ID and password for easy access to make payments, update account

Pay My Bill


Create a My WM account to easily manage all of your payments and invoices. Sign up.

waste management spokane bill pay


Can you pay Waste Management by phone?

Automatic payments can be made with a credit card or through a chequing account withdrawal.

Can I pay Waste Management with a credit card?

If you use Waste Management, you can pay your bills whenever it’s convenient for you at Money Services. You can even save time by paying your bill when you pick up your groceries at the Kroger Family of Stores because Money Services is open on the weekends and in the evenings.

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