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Paying your bills on time can be a difficult and stressful task, especially when you need to remember multiple due dates and payment methods. For customers of Westmark, a leading provider of financial services, managing their bills can be simplified with the introduction of Westmark Bill Pay. Westmark Bill Pay is a secure and convenient payment service that allows customers to manage their bills in one place. With this service, customers can make payments anytime, anywhere, and rest assured that their payments will be received on time. Westmark Bill Pay can help customers save time and energy while they stay organized and current with their bill payments. Westmark customers can use this service to pay any bill that has an address, or they can even set up recurring payments. With Westmark Bill Pay, customers can easily manage their bills and have peace of mind that their bills are paid on time.

To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Online Loan Payment Center


To pay your loan from a Westmark savings or checking account, please login to our Online Banking System. This option allows you to transfer money from your

Online Bill Pay


To sign up for Bill Pay. Click on the Bill Pay Widget once you are logged into Westmark Online Banking. From a mobile device, simply download our Westmark

westmark bill pay

Pay all your bills online through one convenient location!

Our online and mobile bill payment services are a quick and safe way to manage your payments wherever you are. From your Westmark account, pay your bills online or via mobile device. Simply select the due date for the bill, and the system will choose when to send the payment (either electronically or by check) to ensure that it arrives on time. *.

All you need to use our Bill Pay service is to be signed up for our Online Banking and keep an open checking account.

Bill Pay gives you access to these great features:

  • Search for or add your vendor. then just enter your account number and any necessary vendor information.
  • Set up reminders. A message will be sent to you when your payment is due.
  • Set up recurring payments.
  • Making payments, viewing recent payments, pending payments, and bill reminders are all possible through the Payment Center on the same screen.
  • For the first 15 transactions per month, online bill payment is free. 35 cents for each additional transaction. **.
  • As soon as you have logged into Westmark Online Banking, select the Bill Pay Widget.
  • From a mobile device, simply download our Westmark Mobile App.

* If funds are not available when the payment is taken out of your account, NSF fees may be charged.

** The monthly period is based on the calendar month. Every month, on the first, your allotted 15 transactions are reset. © 2022 Westmark Credit Union. All Rights Reserved.

westmark bill pay

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