Win Energy Remc Bill Pay

win energy remc bill pay

My Solar will produce clean, sustainable energy that will enable you to make investments in a lower-carbon energy future.

With our remote solar arrays, you can access solar energy from your home or place of business without having to worry about installing a roof.

While home installations continue to have high upfront and ongoing costs, My Solar offers affordable ways to invest in renewable energy.

Participating members will be charged a fixed rate of [$001], for each kWh generated by the number of solar panels they select, will appear on their monthly electric bill.

Participants pay a $500 one-time fee up front in exchange for 20 years of solar panel production. Then the participating member is credited 55 cents per kWh produced on their electric bill

Solar panel generation varies monthly, with summer months seeing the highest generation and winter months seeing the lowest generation.

Ten 1MW solar arrays have been installed along highly visible roads throughout the member service territories as part of Hoosier Energy’s solar program.The 300,000 customers that Hoosier Energy’s 18 distribution cooperatives serve will receive approximately 2,000,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy annually from the solar sites as a whole.

The first of our cooperative’s ten 1MW arrays, located in southern Indiana, was built at the New Castle solar site.The combined electricity produced by these 10 solar farms can power approximately 1,500 homes across the service area of our cooperative.View a time-lapse video of the four-month construction process in New Castle, Indiana, by starting the video to the left.

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Budget Billing | WIN Energy REMC

Equalize your monthly electric bill payments by enrolling in our Budget Billing Program. The program is available to any member that has accumulated a 12-month …

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