Xfinity Bill Pay Address

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To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

How To Make a Payment on Your Xfinity Account

Regardless of the status of the services at your address, you can sign in to your Xfinity account to view and pay your bill online.

What is the Mailing Address for Paying Bills

xfinity bill pay address


Can I pay my Xfinity bill by mail?

Other Payment Options Send us a check made out on a legal U S. a cashier’s check issued by a legitimate U.S. S. bank. Please use the insert included in your Xfinity bill. Never mail cash.

Where do I pay my Xfinity bill?

All online, available 24/7. Check out My Account online, download the app, or use your voice remote to say “My Account” or “Pay my bill.” You can pay us by cash or money order at a Western Union® Quick Collect® location, or you can mail us a check using the information on your bill. You’ll just need the account number.

How do I contact Xfinity about my bill?

Call 1-800-xfinity (1-800-934-6489).

How do I pay my Comcast bill without logging in?

With Quick Pay, it’s easier than ever to make a fast, one-time payment to your Xfinity Mobile account without having to sign in.

What you’ll need to use Quick Pay:
  1. A valid Xfinity Mobile phone number.
  2. The ZIP code of the service address.
  3. A credit or debit card.

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