Yale Bill Pay

yale bill pay

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To make a payment, you may use this official links below:

Yale University eBill-ePay – Student Accounts


Yale University eBill-ePay. Yale University’s Student Financial Services electronic billing and payment sytem (eBill-ePay) has been upgraded to YalePay .

Paying Your Bill – Yale Medicine


If you have questions about your bill , please call our Central Billing Line at 1-800-826-9922 or email [email protected] yale .edu.


What is YalePay?

Students and student proxies can view student account activity and make online payments through Yale University’s Student Financial Services electronic billing and payment system (YalePay).Members of our faculty and staff who have accounts with our student billing system can also use the system.

How do you pay for Yale?

Yale’s recommended method of payment is online through YalePayAnyone with a U.S. credit card can make simple, convenient online payments.S checking or savings account There is no charge to use this serviceA printable confirmation receipt is provided, and bank information is password-protected and secure.

Can you pay Yale tuition with a credit card?

Yale does not accept credit card payments, but the University does provide a number of payment options, such as the Yale Payment Plan.Visit the Student Accounts website for more details on available payment methods.

Does Yale Law School give financial aid?

Financial Aid Support 76% of our JDIn the academic year 2021–2022, 64% of the student body was eligible for Law School scholarship grants, which are only given out based on financial need.

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