How to Find Your Boost Mobile Account Number And Porting Information

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Having your Boost Mobile account number is essential if you want to port your phone number to a new carrier. But for customers on Boost’s old T-Mobile network, getting this account number can be tricky. It’s not listed anywhere in your online account or app. You have to call customer service and ask for it.

After helping hundreds of customers through this process at Save the Bill, I’ve put together this step-by-step guide on how to find your Boost Mobile account number.

Why You Need Your Account Number to Port Out

When porting your phone number to a new carrier, you’ll need three key pieces of information:

  • Your phone number
  • Your account PIN
  • Your account number

The phone number is easy. And if you’re on Boost’s old T-Mobile network, your account PIN is just your online login PIN.

But the account number is nowhere to be found. Boost doesn’t display it online or in the app for T-Mobile-network customers.

So you have to call Boost customer service and specifically request your account number. This guide will walk you through exactly what to say to get it.

Before You Call: Use a Different Phone

If possible, call Boost customer service from a phone other than your Boost phone.

When you call from your Boost phone and select the option for technical support, their system assumes you need technical help with your Boost phone. This complicates things.

Calling from a different phone allows you to bypass the technical support workflow. You’ll get right to a customer service agent who can give you the account number.

Steps to Get Your Boost Mobile Account Number

Here are the step-by-step instructions for getting your account number from Boost customer service:

  1. Call Boost customer service. The number is 1-888-266-7848.
  2. Select your language. Press 1 for English.
  3. Enter your phone number. Key in your 10-digit Boost mobile number.
  4. Select technical support. Press the menu option for technical support. This may be option 5 or 6 depending on the menu.
  5. Bypass the automated troubleshooting. Once you select technical support, the automated system will try walking you through basic troubleshooting. To bypass this and speak to an agent immediately, press zero (0) on your phone’s keypad 6 to 8 times in quick succession. This will confuse the automated system and forward you to an agent.
  6. Ask for your account number. Explain to the Boost agent that you need your account number for personal reference in case you need it later. Do not tell them you plan to port out – just say you want the number for your records.
  7. Verify your identity. The agent will ask you to confirm your name, phone number, account PIN and last payment amount. Provide these details so they can pull up your account and give you the number.
  8. Get transferred. The first agent cannot see the account number. They will transfer you to another department where an agent can provide it.
  9. Repeat your request. Once connected to the new agent, repeat that you need your account number for your personal records. They will then read it out to you.
  10. Verify the number. Read the account number back to the agent to confirm it is correct. It should be 9 digits for the T-Mobile network.

And that’s it! Follow these steps and you’ll get your Boost Mobile account number with minimal hassle. Just be polite but firm with the agents and they will provide it.

What to Do Once You Have the Account Number

With your account number in hand, here are the next steps to port your phone number to a new carrier:

  • Do not cancel your Boost account yet. Keep it active until the port is complete. Just remove any saved payment info so you aren’t charged again.
  • Sign up for your new carrier. Choose the plan and phone you want on your new network. Don’t cancel Boost until the new service is active.
  • Give your new carrier the 3 key details. To port your number, they will need your Boost account number, phone number and account PIN.
  • Confirm the port. It typically takes a few minutes to a few hours to complete the port. Confirm your Boost phone loses service and the number is now active on your new carrier.
  • Cancel Boost. Once the port is done, you can then log in and cancel your Boost account. The number is safely on its new network!

Why Boost Makes You Jump Through Hoops

So why does Boost make it so difficult to get your account number if you want to switch carriers?

It’s a common industry practice designed to reduce churn (customers leaving). The less convenient it is to leave, the more likely some will just stay.

While frustrating, once you know the steps and language to use it just takes one quick call. Don’t let the hassle stop you from switching if you need better service or prices!

We’re Here to Help With Any Carrier Switch

As cell phone and plan experts, we love advising our readers on how to maximize value and get the service they need. And if you need help activating your new phone, porting your number, assessing plans or any other carrier switch tasks, contact us. Our team has handled hundreds of carrier changes smoothly and can advise you through every step.

Switching phone service can be daunting but is worth it for upgraded coverage, cheaper prices, better perks and the latest devices. We hope this guide gives you the info you need to find your Boost account number and make the switch! Let us know if you have any other questions.

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