Why Did My Xfinity Bill Go Up?

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It’s frustrating when your cable or internet bill unexpectedly increases. You sign up for what seems like a reasonable rate, only to see mysterious fees and higher base rates appear on your next bill. Xfinity customers in particular have complained about these unexplained price hikes.

If your Xfinity bill recently increased, here are some potential reasons why:

Annual Price Increases

One of the most common reasons for bill increases is that Xfinity raises its base rates nearly every year. These annual price hikes typically happen in January and range from $3-20 per month, depending on your service package.

Some key things to know about Xfinity’s annual price increases:

  • Lack of Notice – Customers report getting little to no warning about these rate hikes. Xfinity claims it notes the increase on your monthly bill or sends an email, but many users say they never received proper notice.
  • No Explanation of Fees – Your bill and online account offer no breakdown of what the price increase is for. Xfinity does not specify which fees or base rates are going up.
  • Across All Customers – The price hikes affect all customers, even those with only internet service. You’re paying more regardless of whether you subscribe to cable TV.
  • Due to Rising Broadcast Costs – Industry reports indicate the main drivers are increased fees to carry broadcast networks and regional sports channels. But these costs are passed onto all customers.

Xfinity could improve this process by clearly communicating rate hike reasons, giving advance notice, and only charging customers for services they actually receive.

End of Promotional Pricing

Another reason your Xfinity bill may suddenly spike is if a promotional discount expires. Here’s how it works:

  • You sign up as a new customer and get a low teaser rate for 6-12 months.
  • Once your promo period ends, your bill jumps to the regular, higher price.
  • Xfinity may offer you a new promo deal, but often with a higher baseline price.

Some tips for dealing with expiring promos:

  • Note your promo end date so you can anticipate the price increase.
  • Compare new customer promos to re-upping your current deal.
  • Be prepared to negotiate or switch providers once the promo ends.
  • Don’t take higher rates as a given – shop around for the best deal.

Equipment and Service Changes

Did you recently add or change your Xfinity services? Adding cable TV channels, increasing your internet speed, or getting new equipment can all result in a higher monthly bill.

  • New devices like DVRs, cable boxes, and routers add equipment fees.
  • Upgrading internet plans means paying the non-promo rate for faster speeds.
  • Additional TV channel packages mean more fees for content.

Carefully review any service changes to make sure you understand the billing impact. And don’t hesitate to downgrade or remove services if the price hike is too much.

Taxes and Regulatory Fees

Like other cable providers, Xfinity passes along taxes and regulatory fees to customers. These can include:

  • Franchise fees charged by local governments
  • State and local sales taxes
  • FCC regulatory recovery fees

As these taxes and fees increase, they get passed onto your bill. However, Xfinity does not always break them out separately or explain the charges. Lumping them into a general rate hike leaves customers confused.

Behind on Your Bill?

If you didn’t pay your previous monthly bill on time, Xfinity may add late fees and penalties. For example:

  • Late fee of up to $10 if not paid within 5 days of due date
  • Collections fee up to $20 if your past due balance is sent to collections.
  • Disconnecting or reconnecting your services also incurs fees.

Review your account to make sure you don’t have any past due balances or late payments incurring extra fees. Set up autopay if you tend to forget paying bills.

How to Respond to a Bill Increase

Here are some steps to take if your Xfinity bill recently increased:

  • Review your bill – Check for any new line items, fees, taxes or service changes that could be raising your costs.
  • Contact customer support – Chat or call to discuss the specific charges behind your price hike. Ask them to explain each one.
  • Consider cord cutting – Do you still watch all the cable channels you’re paying for? Downgrading TV service is a fast way to slash your bill.
  • Negotiate promotions – Ask about any new customer promos or retention offers that may discount your rate.
  • Switch providers – Compare deals from competitors in your area to potentially save money each month.
  • File an FCC complaint – If you feel Xfinity is acting unfairly, file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission.

FAQ About Xfinity Bill Increases

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about rising Xfinity bills:

Why is my Xfinity bill higher than advertised?

The rates advertised are generally promotional prices for new customers only. Your bill goes up once those short-term promos expire.

Does Xfinity raise rates every year?

Yes, Xfinity typically implements annual price increases in January ranging from $3-20 across all service packages.

Why am I paying a Regional Sports Fee if I don’t watch sports?

Xfinity charges this fee to all TV customers, even if you don’t subscribe to sports channels. The cost gets passed on across the board.

Can I cancel service without penalty if my bill increases?

Probably not – most providers, including Xfinity, charge an early termination fee if you cancel before your contract term is up.

What can I do if my Xfinity bill keeps increasing every month?

First call and ask for an explanation on each fee and charge. Then request promotions or consider downgrading your services to cut costs. If no other solutions, canceling may be your best recourse.

Will Xfinity lower my rates if I threaten to cancel service?

Threatening to cancel will usually get you sent to the retention department who can offer discounts or promos to try and keep your business. But they typically will not permanently lower your base rate.

The Bottom Line

Unexpected Xfinity bill increases often come down to expiring promotions, new fees, annual rate hikes, taxes, and service changes. While frustrating, being an informed customer can help you anticipate and manage these rising costs. Compare all your options – both with Xfinity as well as competitor providers – to lock in the best deal and avoid recurring price hikes.

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