How to Pay Your Verizon Bill at Walmart

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Are you wondering if you can pay your Verizon bill at Walmart? The answer is yes, there are several options for paying your Verizon bill at Walmart.

Option 1: Buy Verizon Prepaid Top-Up at Walmart Online Store

You can purchase a Verizon prepaid top-up in denominations of $30 to $60 on the Walmart online store. This will add credit to your Verizon prepaid account, which you can then use to pay your phone bill. Simply visit the Walmart website and search for “Verizon prepaid top-up” to get started.

Option 2: Pay at Walmart In-Store

You can also pay your Verizon bill at any Walmart store using MoneyGram, CheckFreePay, or Western Union. Be sure to bring your billing statement, account number, or phone number with you to execute the transaction.

There may be a processing fee of up to $4 for this service.

Please note : Some billers may require additional information, so be sure to check with Walmart for more details.

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In summary, it is easy to pay your Verizon bill at Walmart using one of these methods. Whether you choose to purchase a prepaid top-up online or pay in-store using MoneyGram, CheckFreePay, or Western Union, you have options for taking care of your phone bill at Walmart.

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