How to Lower Your Verizon Bill

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Verizon is known for their reliable network but bills can be pricey. Did you know there are simple tricks to finding hidden discounts, lowering costs each month, and keep more money in your wallet? This guide covers the best strategies to reduce your Verizon expenses, including:

StrategyAverage Savings
Taking Advantage of Verizon Discounts$10-$20/line
Switching to More Affordable Plans$5-15/line
Opting Out of Device Insurance$17-20/line
Moving to an Verizon MVNO$25+/line

We’ll break down each money saving tactic along with frequently asked questions to help you cut costs on your Verizon bill today!

Take Advantage of Verizon Discounts

Did you know that Verizon offers discounts on their plans for certain groups of people? If you’re a teacher, nurse, veteran or part of other eligible groups, you could potentially save 10-25% off your monthly bill!

As a healthcare worker myself, I had no idea about these Verizon discounts. When I called in to ask, they were able to apply a $10 credit to each of my 3 lines. That’s $30/month back in my pocket!

Different careers and affiliations qualify you for specific discount amounts. Here’s a quick overview:

Discount TypeMonthly Savings/Line
First Responder/Nurse$10
Student w/Univ. Email$10

The application process is simple too. Just visit the Verizon discount page and fill out the required fields. In 1-2 billing cycles, you should see the savings on your bill.

It never hurts to ask what promotions or discounts you may qualify for. Reach out to a Verizon rep through their website or give them a call. By tapping into these hidden perks, you could save $120+ annually with just a few minutes of effort!

Switch to a More Affordable Verizon Plan

Have you noticed your Verizon bill creeping up over time? It’s likely due to price increases on your existing plan or added fees and surcharges.

Rather than dealing with the frustrations of rising costs, consider evaluating your usage to determine if a Plan change makes sense. I like using the Verizon Plan Tool to compare options – it breaks down features, speeds, and pricing all in one place.

For individuals and couples who don’t use much mobile data, the Unlimited Basic plan at $35/line is ideal. Couples with teenagers may prefer Start Unlimited at $45/line which has improved prioritization and 30GB premium data.

Larger families on 5+ lines would save by switching to Play More, Do More, or Get More plans priced at $160-$200 for the whole family. With $200-300+ savings annually, that’s money for family vacations!

No matter your situation, be sure any device payments are paid off first to avoid losing promotional credits. With a bit of planning, you can keep your favorite features while paying less each month.

Opt Out of Verizon’s Device Insurance

Did you know Verizon charges around $17-20/line for device insurance? That adds up to over $200+ annually! When my contract was up, I decided to compare Verizon’s Mobile Protect to other options.

Mobile Protect covers cracked screens and device replacements for a $99 fee. While convenient, the yearly cost is basically buying a whole new phone!

Instead, I went with AppleCare+ for my iPhone at just $8/month. It offers the same protection as Mobile Protect, but for nearly $200 less per year.

For Android users, SquareTrade and Gearlock provide affordable phone insurance starting at $5-10/month. Just make sure coverage matches your needs.

Honestly, a good case and tempered glass screen protector go a long way in preventing damage too. I’ve had my current iPhone for 3 years without issues.

The savings add up over time. By switching to an alternative insurance option, I ‘m keeping over $100 more in my wallet each year. For occasional phone users, it may even be worth going insurance-free and self-insuring small fixes. Just something to think about!

Consider Moving to a Verizon MVNO

Have you heard of MVNO carriers before? Stands for “Mobile Virtual Network Operator” – they’re companies that lease access to Verizon’s network at a lower cost. This savings often gets passed along to customers.

Popular Verizon MVNOs include Visible, US Mobile, and Visible. Their plans consistently undercut Big Red’s pricing by $25-50/line while maintaining fast speeds on Verizon’s towers.

Take Visible’s party plan for example. Unlimited talk, text, and data for only $25/line when joining a “party” with other users. That’s a $40 savings over Verizon’s comparable Start plan.

The trade-off is online-only support and lack of device payment plans. But if you bring your own phone or use it fully unlocked, access to Verizon’s coverage gets very affordable fast.

As a bonus, multi-line discounts are much better than Big Red’s. A family of 4 on Visible saves $240/year. When savings are that substantial, online support seems a small price to pay!

Leverage Equipment Payments and Trade-Ins

Carrier promos and installment plans seem like a good idea at first, but can really inflate your monthly bill if not used wisely. Here are some tips:

  • Pay attention to the equipment balance on your bill each month to avoid accidental overpayment.
  • Ask about Trade-In deals to get the newest phone for a lower upfront cost. I got an iPhone 14 for free by trading in an iPhone 8!
  • Consider buying phones outright or used to avoid long-term payment obligations. Swappa and eBay have great deals.
  • Pay close attention to trade-in values each cycle. My Switch to T-Mobile saved $450 by trading an iPhone 12 for a $790 promotional value.

Playing the long game with trade-ins and promos requires patience but can really help minimize your total phone spending in the long run. Just takes a little research!

Tweak Your Plan to Match Usage

Ever notice your friends on cheaper cellular plans, despite using their phones the same amount? That’s because carriers offer higher priced “one-size-fits-all” plans assuming heavy usage.

An easy way to potentially save is evaluating your habits and choosing a plan sized appropriately. For me, checking my phone data usage showed an average of only 3GB per month.

Knowing that, I switched my wife and I from Verizon’s “Unlimited” plan to Visible’s 5GB plan for only $40/line. That’s a $40/month savings for our household!

Some tips for finding the right-sized plan:

  • Use the carrier’s data tracker app over 30 days
  • Note days where WiFi was unavailable boosting data use
  • Identify consistent monthly usage without outliers

Downgrade safety buffer is key too. I chose Visible’s 5GB knowing we’d never exceed but still get unlimited throttled data and hotspot if needed.

Matching your lifestyle to just the data you need saves real money each month. Take the time to see if a smaller bundle fits your usage!

Consider Family Plans to Save on Each Line

Did you know cell carriers often give bigger discounts the more lines you bundle? It’s true! Going with a family plan is a sneaky way to lower the per-line cost.

Verizon for example charges $80/line for unlimited single plans. But their family plans start at $160 for 2 lines and $240 for 4 lines. That’s $20/line savings just for bundling two devices together.

The discounts get even better with more lines. T-Mobile charges $25-30/line on their family plans. For 4 people that’s around $100 annual savings versus single plans.

It’s not just cellular bills either – home internet, TV bundles offer greater value adding on devices. Take full advantage of these multi-line promotions!

There’s no strict rules on family size either. Singles or couples sharing a plan reap the same rewards. Consider partnering with close friends and family looking to save too. Bundling lines is a simple path to lowered monthly bills.

Ask About Available Discounts and Promotions

Did you know carrier reps often have more discount tools and promos at their disposal than what’s found online? It never hurts to call in and ask what money-saving options are available for your account.

I saved an additional $25/month on my Sprint plan years ago by calling Loyalty every 6 months. Their goal is retaining customers, so they have flexibility reps don’t always publicize.

Beyond core discounts, reps commonly offer:

  • Bill credits for adding additional lines
  • Waived fees or charges for a limited time
  • Switch incentives like prepaid cards
  • Loyalty retention deals like free tablets/watches

Timing is important too. New phones launches bring generous trade-in offers. Holidays means gift cards for switching carriers. Stay up to date on seasonal specials.

Make a note to call your provider every few billing cycles. Simply asking “what else can you do for me?” goes a long way towards keeping more money in your pocket each month.


By now you see there are plenty of proven tactics for lowering your Verizon costs without sacrificing service. Taking advantage of discounts, optimizing your plan, and leveraging trade-in offers are all fairly simple changes that can collectively save hundreds per year.

Remember – carriers invest in promotions and loyalty programs to retain customers, so don’t be afraid to negotiate if you feel your bill is too high. Just a few minutes of your time calling in could uncover additional discounts available specifically for your account.

A good option some may not consider is paying off equipment balances in full over time. You avoid long-term payment obligations and are free to change carriers without carrier penalties if a better deal arises. It requires discipline but keeps more control in your hands long-term.

I hope the strategies covered here give you a solid starting point toward reducing your wireless expenditures. Enjoy your savings – maybe treat yourself to that fancy new gadget sooner thanks to a leaner monthly bill! Let me know if any other questions come to mind on keeping costs low while maximizing value.

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