Verizon Carrier Billing: A Detailed Guide

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Verizon’s carrier billing service is a feature that lets you buy digital content from select platforms and charge the purchase to your Verizon mobile bill. This article will guide you through the basics, eligibility, usage, and troubleshooting of Verizon’s carrier billing service.

Understanding Carrier Billing

Carrier billing is a service that allows you to purchase up to $300 worth of digital media such as games, music, apps, and other digital content from participating platforms. This amount is charged per mobile account and per bill cycle. However, keep in mind that carrier billing differs from the Bill to Account option, which lets you charge Verizon equipment and services to your Verizon mobile bill.

There are two types of transactions you can make:

  1. Standard: This implies a one-time, non-recurring purchase of an item or service from an approved online merchant.
  2. Subscription: This involves an automatic recurring purchase that takes place monthly according to the terms defined on a merchant’s website.

Eligibility for Carrier Billing

To avail the benefits of carrier billing, you need to meet certain eligibility criteria:

  • You should be on a monthly consumer calling plan and in good standing.
  • Your account should be a personal one. Corporate, government, or employee accounts are not eligible.
  • Prepaid accounts are not eligible for carrier billing.
  • Your wireless account should not be based in New Mexico.
  • You must be a registered user of My Verizon.
  • The line on which you want to use carrier billing should be capable of receiving text messages and should not have the purchases and gifting block feature turned on.
  • There’s a $300 spending limit per mobile account per bill cycle.
  • Only digital media or virtual goods are eligible.

Using Carrier Billing

You don’t need to sign up for carrier billing. It is automatically available as a payment option if you’re eligible. When you buy digital media from a participating merchant, you’ll see the “Carrier Billing” option at checkout. You’ll need to enter your mobile phone number and possibly the account owner’s billing ZIP code or a temporary passcode sent via a text message.

Once the purchase is made, you’ll receive a confirmation text and email detailing the merchant name and purchase amount. These charges, along with any applicable taxes, will appear in the ‘Purchases from Other Vendors’ section of your Verizon mobile bill.

Carrier Billing Merchants

You can use carrier billing with the following third-party merchants:

  • ESR TV
  • Facebook® Games Marketplace
  • Microsoft® Marketplace (including Xbox, Windows Store, and Microsoft 365)
  • Mobile Giving Foundation
  • Riot Games
  • Spotify®
  • Telecoming
  • Youtube TV

Blocking Carrier Billing

If you wish to block the carrier billing service, you can use the Block Purchases and Gifting feature in My Verizon for free. To activate the block, go to the Blocks page in My Verizon, select the line that you want to block purchases on, tap Block services, tap Purchases, and then turn on Block Purchases and Gifting.


In case of any issues with a product bought via carrier billing, contact the merchant as described on the website or application where you completed the purchase.

In conclusion, Verizon’s carrier billing service offers a convenient way to purchase digital content and pay for it through your mobile bill. Just ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria and keep track of your purchases to avoid any hassles.

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