Get an Extension on Your AT&T Bill Using a Payment Arrangement

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Paying bills on time can be a challenge, especially when money is tight. If your AT&T bill is due but you can’t pay the full amount by the due date, you may be able to get an extension and avoid service interruption by setting up a payment arrangement.

What is a Payment Arrangement?

A payment arrangement with AT&T allows you to pay your bill after the due date without having your service disconnected. When you set up a payment arrangement, you agree on a later date that you will pay your outstanding balance. This lets AT&T know you need more time to pay and intend to pay the full amount owed.

Benefits of a Payment Arrangement

The main benefit of an AT&T payment arrangement is that it prevents disconnection of your services while you wait for funds to pay your bill. As long as you pay as agreed, you can continue using your AT&T services without interruption. A payment arrangement also helps you avoid late fees, as AT&T will not charge late fees as long as you pay by the new agreed upon date.

How to Set Up a Payment Arrangement

Setting up a payment arrangement with AT&T is easy and can be done online or by phone.

Online (Recommended)

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To set up an online payment arrangement, login to your AT&T account and go to the Make a Payment Arrangement page. Here you can:

  • View available extension dates in the payment calendar
  • Select a new payment date
  • Choose a payment method
  • Review payment details and submit

Be sure to save your confirmation number after submitting the arrangement.

By Phone

You can also call AT&T at 800-288-2020 to speak with a representative and set up a payment arrangement. They will walk you through available dates and payment options. Note there is a $5 convenience fee for setting up an arrangement by phone.

In Person

Visit an AT&T store to set up a payment arrangement in person. An AT&T sales representative can assist you with selecting a new payment date and method.

Tips for Payment Arrangements

  • Set up arrangements at least 1 day before your bill due date for the most options.
  • You cannot change or cancel a payment arrangement after it is scheduled.
  • If you use AutoPay, pause it for the month you have an arrangement.
  • Late payment fees apply if you pay after the original due date.
  • Keep your confirmation number to reference the arrangement details.

Payment Arrangement Rules & Limitations

There are some important rules and limitations to note about AT&T payment arrangements:

  • Arrangements are not available after your bill due date.
  • Your payment history affects which payment methods you can use.
  • Payments process at 12am ET on the scheduled date.
  • You must pay with the agreed upon method on the chosen date.
  • Additional fees apply for reconnection if service is suspended.

Get an Extension without Service Interruption

When you just can’t pay your AT&T bill on time, take advantage of payment arrangements to get an extension and avoid service interruption. By setting up a new payment date ahead of time, you can rest assured your services will continue uninterrupted while you wait for funds. Just be sure to pay the agreed upon amount by the scheduled date. With a simple online or phone payment arrangement, you can get the extra time you need.

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